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Proud of our past; excited about our future!

We look forward to repeating our success with you. Below are just some of the things we’ve accomplished in the past, our creative, experienced product development team has generated over several hundred patents for exceptional innovation. Our minds are on the future and successes we can help you achieve! “By working together, pooling our resources, and building on our strengths, we can accomplish great things.” –RR

VERTICAL INTEGRATION – in developing new products for our customers, we optimize multiple technologies simultaneously, in real-time, under one roof, at a more rapid rate and more effectively than our competition. Experienced program managers operating under accelerated timing utilizing state-of-the-art processes direct all required disciplines and resources.

Auto Vision improved Windshield with ClearFast®

The ClearFast™ heated fluid washer system auto windshield cleaner for can provide up to 400% more effective cleaning than other systems. A unique dual heating method provides instant (<20 seconds at 28 F ambient) and stored heated fluid.

Control your windows with sliding motions.

Car Virtual Touchpad Window/door control

Virtual Touchpad® drivers window switch console Car Window Touchpad – Virtual Touchpad® window/door control A simple touch and sliding motion across a selected window pad provides

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create next-generation integrated sensor and control systems to support the manufacture of… 1. 2. 3. SMARTER, SAFER, more FUEL EFFICIENT vehicles.

Technology Partners History: Display Systems

April 2, 2019 Expertise in custom display technologies assures cost effective, timely solutions for your display needs. Display Systems CRT Systems: •Tomorrow’s technology implemented in

Technology Partners History: Our Advantage

Our commercial sensor/control Advantage …..  1. Advanced electronic design: Deep and highly experienced electronic design capability empowers new product timely production launch, as well as timely

Pro Trailer Backup Assist

Pro trailer backup assist  – Ford Backing Up a Trailer

You just have to teach the truck’s computer to work with any trailer you hook up, a 10-minute process. Take a few measurements, add a black and white sticker to the hitch so the rear camera-based system can keep track of what the trailer is doing, and you’re good to go.

Virtual Keypad

iQ Power Systems Virtual Keypad touchscreen

iQ Power™ Systems – Virtual keypad and touchscreen IP Virtual Keypad™ (switches) Door Virtual Keypads™ (switches) Virtual Keypad™ (steering wheel controls) Smart Touch™ Centerstack Part No. 1310673 AV & Vehicle Virtual

capacitive-touch cockpit

Capacitive-touch cockpit

“Dead cool capacitive-touch cockpit” Smart touch® HMI connectivity brings your home and office to the vehicle capacitive-touch cockpit  for the first time…. capacitive-touch cockpit Elegant,

Top 30, Auto Innovation Inc article

30 examples of Auto Innovation this is how it’s done! Inc. Magazine April The auto innovation industrial, technological and social FABRIC of America has changed over

Technology Partners History: ClearFast

2008 Clearfast Hot Fluid windshield cleaning system SAFETY Hot washer fluid dramatically improves CLEAR VISION, Heats the windshield washer fluid to 130°F in 30 seconds*,

Child Safety System

Child Safety System, Smart Close™, brings legislator to Reed City

After the demonstration, Congressman Hoekstra was very impressed with Nartron’s product states it is “very powerful” and the “technology seems better than the best they have in Europe.” Hoekstra further felt that the product has “great potential” for the U.S. automotive industry to save kids’ lives.

Capacitive sensing automotive

Capacitive sensing in an automotive environment

Capacitive sensing automotive in an electric environment ABSTRACT Capacitive sensing automotive allows protection in power windows, sunroofs, liftgates, and sliding doors. It also provides greater

kidSafe® Rear Seat Child Reminder – EMC Overview

The overall plan is to move to a more highly integrated electronic circuit architecture. Filtering schemes that have been developed from the earlier versions will be incorporated. The microprocessor’s clock oscillator will be an area of particular focus for future revisions.

Ford anti trap window Product Excellence Award

“Ford Product Excellence Award – windshield cleaning – anti trap window” Mustang GT  ♦ ClearFast™ – hot fluid windshield cleaning  ♦ Invisible Shield™ – “kidSafe®” anti-trapping power windows 

Automobile Power Window

Safe Power Automobile Power Window Campaign

Safe Automobile Power Window Campaign – Fact Sheet Automobile Power Window Problem: Power windows in automobiles have killed or injured thousands of children. The death

Delphi Clear Fast windshield Cleaning System

Delphi Windshield Cleaning System

The IP can now become completely user reconfigurable and provides him the flexibility of a new IP appearance, ie. “virtual change” by instant software upgrades

Technology Partners History: Northstar Handling Dynamics

February 2, 2019 Northstar Handling Dynamics  At 60 mph, the realtime Road-Sensing Suspension reads the road in one-inch increments. Each wheel is then independently adjusted to enhance driver control. The suspension and

GM Truck & Bus Group – Gold Medal Award

Truck & Bus Group FOR ACHIEVING EXCELLENCE IN CONFORMANCE TO REQUIREMENTS Presented to  the Corporation for Their Exemplary Performance In Shipping and for Adhering to

Ford Motor Co – Delivery Performance Ratings

Supplier Evaluations Delivery Ratings ascencioné Corporation 5000 North US 131 Reed City Michigan 49677 ATTN Production Control DELIVERY PERFORMANCE RATINGS  Ford Motor Company Kentucky Truck

1st touchscreen 30 years ago!

The industry’s 1st touchscreen, 1988 Buick Buicks exclusive electronic control center for useful data transmission is truly unique. It replaces the functions of 90 different