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Quality Performance Comments

Delco Electronics quality performance comments


From: Q. M. Graham 

To: R. Titus 

CC: ,  (DE)

The attention given to the instrument cluster and RSS assembly operations in the area of quality has been consistent and thorough.

Quality personnel has taken an active role in the development and implementation of specifications and procedures covering all phases of the manufacturing and quality functions.

The quality influence can be seen in the manufacturing personnel through the care they take in producing a high-quality product.

Also, it should be noted that you have always been more than willing to work directly with our customers to resolve any ongoing quality issues.

In the near future, our attention needs to be directed, towards the new Targets for Excellence Manual and specifically the new requirements of GP-3 and GP-8. 

I appreciate your cooperation in quality performance as always. 

Supplier Quality 

Development Engineer 




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