Ascencione ´ ® creates next-generation advanced-sensing electronic innovational products. As a result, the “Command and Control Systems,” offer higher levels of safety and comfort. Below are some of the electronic products that have generated a lot of interest.

Electronic Innovations Products:

Safe Close™

Safe Close™ anti-trap panel innovation closures provide safety and security by sensing and reacting to a human and other blocking presence. Again the capacitive system instantly reverses when an obstacle is present, preventing injury – even when the driver holds the switch in a close position. Furthermore, the Safe Close™ system fits all power closures. (window, door, lift-gate, sunroof, etc.)


Heated washer fluid greatly improves driver safety. It also improves vision in today’s vehicles by quickly de-icing and cleaning the windscreen.

Smart Open, Smart Close®
Power Liftgate or Door

Safe because this keyless entry product – Smart Open responds to the driver’s presence. BMW vehicles use Smart Open/Smart close for example.

kidSafe® Innovations

This product uses capacitive sensing to verify a child is present in the rear seat. KidSafe® innovation detects a child in various car seats (infant, booster, etc.) and separates adults from children. When you turn off your vehicle, kidSafe® will display a warning sign on the electronic instrument panel, sound the car’s horn or even contact the driver through a smartphone.

Clear Vision Safety System (CVSS)

Heated washer fluid improves driver safety by de-icing and cleaning the camera lenses/LIDAR with heated fluid/air pressure mixes. In addition advanced Clear Vision Safety System provides a high-value business option reporting a 40% demand. Finally, an additional CVSS-HAV (Highly Automated Vehicle) application prolongs the vehicle operation under automated driving modes (autopilot) and during adverse weather.

Keyless Entry System

Unlock your car door with a gesture recognition product instead of a key. In short, with this innovation, the capacitive or radar sensing feature works even with a gloved hand when it detects the vehicle’s key fob. Lastly, we have created this electronic keyless entry to be immune to water triggers. Tested at MTU.

SmartTouch® / Intelligent Surfaces

This innovation creates switches on surfaces reacting to touch. Then, allow these surfaces (garnish moldings, door trim panels, etc.) to display icon controls to turn on commands as a result. Finally, improve the interior design by only seeing these electronic controls when needed. 

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