ascencione  ´® creates next-generation advanced-sensing innovations, “Command and Control Systems,” that offer higher levels of safety and convenience. Below are some of the products that have generated a lot of attention lately.


Smart Close®

SmartClose® anti-trap panel closures provide safety and security by sensing and reacting to a human and other obstructions presence. Again the capacitive system instantly reverses when an obstacle is present, preventing accidental injury – even when the operator holds the switch in a close position. The SmartClose® system integrates with all power closures. (window, door, lift-gate, sunroof, etc.)


Heated washer fluid dramatically improves driver safety. Whenever needed, it improves vision in today’s vehicles by quickly de-icing and cleaning the windscreen.

Power Liftgate or Door

The safe, complete level of security. Safe because this keyless entry Smart Open responds to the driver’s presence.

kidSafe® Innovations

This feature uses capacitive sensing to verify a child is present in the rear seat. In fact, KidSafe® detects a child in various car seats (infant, booster, etc.), and differentiates between adult versus juvenile occupants. Once you turn off your vehicle, kidSafe® will display a warning sign on the instrument panel, sound the car’s horn or even notify the driver through a smartphone.

Clear Vision Safety System (CVSS)

Heated washer fluid dramatically improves driver safety by de-icing and cleaning the camera lenses/LIDAR with heated fluid/air pressure combinations. In addition advanced Clear Vision Safety System provides a high-value business opportunity indicating a 40% consumer demand. Furthermore, an additional application of CVSS-HAV (Highly Automated Vehicle) prolongs the vehicle operation under automated driving modes (autopilot) and during adverse weather conditions.

Keyless Entry System

Unlock your door with a touchpad instead of a key. In short, with this innovation, the capacitive sensing feature works even with a gloved hand when it detects the vehicle’s key fob. In conclusion, we have created this keyless entry to be immune to water activation.

SmartTouch® / Intelligent Surfaces

Create switches on intelligent surfaces responding to touch. Then, allow these surfaces (garnish moldings, door trim panels, etc.) to display icon controls to activate commands. Finally, improve the interior aesthetic design by only seeing these controls when needed.