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Capabilities Design Develop

Capabilities Design Develop

ascencione´® is highly innovative with comprehensive ideation and phase-gate development process. Our combined expertise in electronics, software, mechanical, and manufacturing domains makes us an ideal partner for product capabilities design develop.

Capabilities Design Develop Vile

Test & Validation

We are equipped to provide design validation of products, including all related electrical and EMC testing for qualification.



Our manufacturing and assembly capabilities enable us to produce high-volume automotive electronic products. By being a totally integrated operation, we incorporate basic materials, manufacture of components, and final assembly. 



ascencione´® has IATF quality certification and a PRA-focused manufacturing process. We combine complete traceability, airtight testing strategies, and 100% functional testing to achieve global quality standards.



We have achieved a coveted level of success with many industry firsts. Our unique
expertise powers the automotive industry with products and technologies which provide brand differentiation, greater safety, and superior value.