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Keyless Car Entry System – Smart Entry

Keyless car entry systems are rapidly becoming the future of vehicle access control, allowing owners to open car door and close car door with keyless entry gestures and locking and unlocking the doors with body, hand, or finger gestures. With keyless technology, users can walk to their car, wave a hand, or gesture in front of their electronic door entry system and it opens. The keyless car entry system is a great way to improve security, convenience, and ease of use for vehicle owners. With keyless technology, users can unlock their cars with hand motions – gestures: body, hand, or finger movements without having to fumble around for keys. Moreover, using capacitive sensing technology and motion sensors, keyless entry systems help reduce false positives while providing secure access to the car. As the car industry continues to grow and develop, new technologies like gesture recognition are becoming available on more vehicles daily – making it easier to open car door quickly and securely!

Keyless Car Entry with a hand Gesture
Keyless car door opening with a hand gesture – Click for video

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Innovative Technologies Used in Modern Keyless Entry Car Systems

Modern keyless car entry systems are revolutionizing the way we access our vehicles. Using innovative technologies like hand gestures, motion sensors, and capacitive sensing technology, keyless entry systems provide secure and convenient access to open car doors. These keyless entry systems provide users with quick and easy access to their vehicles. We’ll explore how modern keyless car entry works and what they can do for vehicle owners.  

Secure Car Entry using body, hand, and finger gestures or just a touch gesture to open car door

Secure car entry is an increasingly popular technology that allows drivers to access their vehicles using body, hand, finger gestures, or touch to open and lock doors. Traditional keyless entry systems use touch pads on the outside of the vehicle, which detects movement around it, while newer technologies use capacitive or radar touch technology. Our Smart Entry™ system will differentiate a hand cleaning the car or rain and wind blowing from another performing the open gesture. The computer module also understands the difference between a hand making the opening gesture and rain and wind storm. Uniquely our keyless entry system even works even with gloves on.

Understanding the Different Types of Capacitive and Radar Sensing Human Gesture Recognition Technologies 

Capacitive sensing technology uses electrical fields generated by objects such as human bodies and motions for detection purposes. It requires minimal contact with the surface area, allowing users to unlock their cars with hand gestures instead of manually touching them every time they enter or exit their vehicle. We have eliminated traditional physical door handles on their cars, requiring only body movements near the handle area for unlocking purposes, ensuring maximum security.

Radar-based proximity sensors with obstacle detection

When our doors open without a door handle, the door has a sensor that will determine if it is safe to open car door. If there is a stationary obstacle or a moving one, our sensor will detect the obstruction and stop the door from continuing to open. Smart Entry™ detects all obstacles or hazards. Not only protecting the vehicle but also avoiding damage to anything caught by the proximity sensor in cars. These radar-based proximity sensors can accurately measure the door’s swing path. The module uses this information to determine when it’s safe to trigger the open function. These radar-based proximity sensors can accurately measure the door’s swing path and decide how to proceed.

Define proximity for obstacle detection.

Proximity is the state of being close to something or someone. It is a term used to convey the physical relationship between two objects and how far they are from each other. There are different ways to measure proximity: distance, angle, and height. In the case of keyless car entry, proximity sensing technology uses electrical signals to measure the distance of each obstruction. These sensors will open the door safely or stop the opening whenever obstacles are detected within the allowed proximity.

Keyless car entry, proximity sensing technology

In the case of proximity sensing technology, it utilizes electrical fields generated by objects such as human bodies, stationery items, and objects in motion to detect activity around the vehicle. Smart Entry™ allows drivers to access their cars with the convenience of a keyless entry system and enhanced security. By eliminating traditional keypads or door handles, drivers can unlock their vehicles with hand gestures instead of having to touch the door or door handle every time they enter or exit the car. Additionally, motion sensors can provide an added layer of security by automatically closing doors when no one is in close proximity. Overall, keyless entry systems offer convenience and enhanced security for drivers. With their advanced sensing capabilities, keyless cars eliminate false positives.

Keyless Entry System car

Older keyless technology using touchpads, and brand unlock

Keyless Brand Touchpad
Door frame touchpad

Past history of unlocking innovations for entry

Ascencioné® has always been on the cutting edge of opening doors and vehicles with old keyless entry technology. We have used capacitive touchpads behind mirrors and glass. Deadfront reveals backlit numbers on the car door’s trim. Brand entry using a lighted OEM’s logo decal to enter your custom (reprogrammable) programmed code to open the vehicle. We are currently working with manufacturers that will offer our keyless entry into their cars next year as technology grows into safer and more convenient ways of completing a task. We will consistently deliver next-generation advanced sensing tools to achieve that mission.

Open Sliding Door Gesture
Smart Open Sliding door
Body Gesture Keyless
Smart Open Hatch allows you to open your hatchback on both feet.

Foot operated Truck / Hatch hands-free open listed as problematic.

A 50 year marketing research firm that analyzes customer data to produce rankings, reviews, and reports has issued a Top 15 problems in the automotive industry list foot-operated Truck / Hatch hands-free open as one of the most problematic attributes in 2022. The most problematic exterior issue by far. This rating is due to its lack of security, false positives, and other issues. The fact that it requires a person to stand on one foot while gesturing with the other instead of a simple body gesture makes it more vulnerable. Additionally, false positives can cause unnecessary delays when trying to access the trunk or hatch of a car since the sensors may not be able to detect the movement of an off-balanced operator. Also problematic if an animal were to run under the sensor. Manufacturers need to consider all these factors to ensure their vehicles are secure and reliable for consumers moving forward.

Smart Entry™ will help drive sales.

Smart Entry offers convenient and secure access to your vehicle. With advanced sensing capabilities, automobiles can detect obstacles within proximity for safe and reliable unlocking of doors. Manufacturers must consider security, false positives, and other issues when designing keyless car entry systems to ensure customer satisfaction moving forward. Ultimately, Smart Entry™ will help drive sales by providing customers with an optimized user experience that is both efficient and secure.

Keyless Auto Entry System

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