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Founded in 1967, our company specializes in conceiving, engineering, fabricating, and marketing proprietary electronic systems and components, with a primary focus on Products that: “Sense, Compute, and Control®” across diverse sectors, including automotive, trucking, military, and consumer markets. Our expansive 200-acre complex boasts contemporary multi-plant facilities, advanced engineering labs, a cutting-edge technology center, an extensive test track, and an integrated airport.

Guided by a team of adept and innovative product developers, we have amassed a portfolio of more than five hundred patents, demonstrating our commitment to groundbreaking ingenuity. This dedication to innovation earned Ascencione® the distinction of being recognized as one of America’s Top 30 Innovators” by Inc. Magazine. Our patent portfolio and inventive concepts are of substantial commercial significance to our customers, affording them intellectual property protection that underpins their expanding market presence. 

Integral to our approach is vertical integration – a methodology through which we concurrently optimize a spectrum of technologies within a single facility, effectively and swiftly outpacing industry competitors. Seasoned program managers orchestrate this comprehensive process, skillfully directing an array of disciplines and re­sources. This orchestrated synergy, combined with state-of-the-art methodologies, ensures accelerated develop­ment timelines and unparalleled efficiency. 

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