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Smart Open/Close Power Liftgate or Sliding Door

The safe, complete level of security, keyless entry Smart Open responds to the driver’s presence. It uniquely reads a personalized gesture to open the Power Liftgate, Decklid, or Sliding Door with two feet firmly and safely on the ground. Enhanced care and convenience provide unique consumer desired brand distinguishing features.

Current System Concerns:

  • Requires balancing on one leg to activate liftgate with another leg
  • Requires the operator to move back from the liftgate to avoid interference with Liftgate operation
  • False positives with water or snow accumulation below the vehicle

offers superior functionalities based on technologies.

ascencione provides the technologies to support the new functionalities of the fascia / liftgate sub-system in line with consumers / OEM’s mega-trends:
  • Comfort & Convenience of operation
  • Customizable
  • Safety enhancement
  • Protecting assets
  • Connectivity
Smart Open Close Functions Graph

Electronic Open Door

Electronic Open Door with gesture This video demonstrates signals recorded by our sensors and that each gesture inputs a unique distinguishable signal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RK8RtZryI_o This video

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Smart Handle / Automatic Door

Gesture recognition based Smart Open/Close® System The Smart Open / Smart Close® powered closure controller is a solid-state, non-contact, high-performance gesture and proximity detection system

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