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Smart Open, Smart Close® Radar Power liftgate for hatchback

Smart Open Close – Power Liftgate, Door, or Sliding Door for Sedan car, hatchback car, truck or van.

Power Liftgate, Hatch, door, sliding door, Sunroof innovations

The Smart Open Close system is a sophisticated way to sense human gestures and control functions. With the power liftgate, you can open the hatchback car at a distance by sensing personalized gestures. The system also allows you to pick up items, and the liftgate will close once you have left the vehicle’s rear. 

Smart Open and Close all of these car parts:

  • Door panels
  • Swing doors
  • Tailgates
  • Sliding doors
  • Power liftgates
  • Hatchbacks
  • Decklids
  • Frunk, and Trunk
  • Side Windows
  • Sunroofs
  • Seating Systems
  • Liftback cars

A better system than the foot door opener

Our system (hands-free liftgate )allows the user to remain balanced with both feet firmly planted on the ground, eliminating the need for unsafe, awkward/unbalanced human movements of the door foot opener. Keyless entry for all power closure personalized vehicles integrated with our convenience solution adds safety and convenience to your entry solutions. The liftgate will not open or close until the path of liftgate travel is clear of obstructions, ensuring that the user remains safe while operating the vehicle. Our Smart Open and Smart Close solutions add an extra layer of safety and convenience to your entry solutions, making your experience as convenient as possible. Comfort & Convenience of operation to open and close all of these car parts

Current Hatchback Open System Concerns:

Requires balancing on one leg to activate the liftgate with another leg by waving the other foot under the bumper. The operator must move back from the liftgate to avoid interference with the Liftgate operation. Can not be activated by animals running under the vehicle. False positives with water or snow accumulation below the vehicle eliminate false closure reversals. Perfect for the rear door car system.

Car / Vehicle Connectivity 

Most car doors and liftgates can be opened or closed with a key fob or any device that emits an infrared signal. One that is coded for your vehicle.

Smart Close® power liftgate system provides total non-contact obstacle detection by a capacitive sensor detecting a change in its electromagnetic field and instantly reverses the moving power liftgate to prevent potential injury. 

Smart Open Close Functions Graph

Smart Open / Close car features:

Safely allows operation w/o a key in the ignition
Automatic rain-sensing door closure
Automatic re-close in case of unintentional open
Key-fob can remotely close all open car doors
Faster closure speeds Run time approx. 17 seconds
Three sensors are located along the back of the vehicle (pointing outward) to detect a person’s travel path to prevent inadvertent activation Comparison of hands-free systems
Enables remote operation

Hands-free Transit Sliding Door Smart Close® for car, sedan, back door

Hands-free Transit Sliding Door Non-contact Anti-Trap Sliding Door for a van Senses and responds to a human (and objects) by detecting a change in the electric field and instantly reversing the power sliding door.

Smart Close® interfaces with all power closure systems. This includes “one-touch-up” express-close power windows, power liftgates, power sliding doors, sunroofs, convertibles, and panoramic roofs to provide injury-free, no-trap protection.

Current Pinch Strips can be eliminated, reducing vehicle content and assembly labor. Smart Close® – Intelligent Power LiftgateThe Smart Close® lift-gate detects operator presence without touching. Protects any children or other objects in its path. Run time approx. 24 seconds

Smart Open/Close® – Intelligent Power Sliding Door Hands-free Open/Close System powered closure controller is a solid-state, non-contact, high-performance gesture and proximity detection system that provides a unique way of opening and closing a power sliding door.

Power Liftgate w/Anti-Pinch Option

Use existing pinch strips as capacitive sensors to add touch sensing capability, increase sensitivity, decrease latency (response time) Eliminate cold temp issues (stiff rubber)Works without pinch switch contact. Retains pinch function for non-conductive objects, adder pinch strip cross-section (example)Option
Replace pinch strips with capacitive sensors Proximity sensing capability Increase sensitivity and range Solid state, non-contact, no moving parts capacitive sensor cross-section (example)Option
Utilize primary seal carrier as capacitive sensor Touch sensing capability Eliminate pinch strips Solid state, non-contact; no moving parts Use existing seal profile OEM pinch primary seal cross section (example) Utilize primary seal carrier as a capacitive sensor.

Capacitive or Radar Sensing Auto Close Doors/ hatchback Liftgate Van sliding door

Auto opening Capacitive Solution:

Smart Open/Close®- Intelligent Power LiftgateWith two feet firmly planted on the ground, simply approach the lift-gate to open. Leisurely remove your items from the vehicle.

Smart Close®- Intelligent Power Liftgate w/Smart Seal Smart Seal technology utilizes the existing metal carrier in the Liftgate Primary seal as the capacitive sensor. Current extrusion(s) can be converted to a Smart Seal configuration without affecting the sealing performance.
Protects any children or other objects in its path. Run time approx. 17 seconds
U625 Power Liftgate w/Anti-Pinch

Our electronic module controls the motor and commands panel position reversal, even if the switch is held in the closed position. When coupled with position sensors, the exact return location can be precisely engineered, all without contact.

No need to touch dirty vehicles for open or close functions

Smart Close® features:

Full interior and exterior liftgate coverage
Prevents liftgate injury to third-row passengers and allows faster door closure speeds
Integrates safe open and close functions
Total anti-trap functionality Smart Open plus Smart Close® cost-effective integrated system Smart Open® – Intelligent Power Liftgate.

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