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Electronic Open Door with radar

Hand tap gesture to open a car door

This video demonstrates signals recorded by our sensors and that each gesture inputs a unique, distinguishable signal. The first signal is demonstrated with a single-finger tap gesture. The door opening is the result of this gesture. ( Result – Door Open Car )

Hand swipe gesture to unlock and open a car door

The second gesture is the entire hand swipe which again opens the car door. This gesture is demonstrated on the driver-side door but could be used inside or outside the vehicle. Opening car doors with a “handle” will soon be a thing of the past. You can also control this unlocking with a key fob or phone.

Monitor showing the differences in each car open door gesture

The third is showing a two-finger gesture. Notice how each gesture displays differently for each communication. The different movements allow us to program specific gestures to open the door. The signal is unique for each gesture. The final gesture is a no-touch gesture; this allows the driver to swipe his/her hand near the sensor. This motion allows you to unlock and open the door with a hand movement from the side of the vehicle.

This video demonstrates that the sensor can perform two functions based on the gesture: unlock, pop open, or electronic open door.

Door open car with a gesture

This next video demonstrates the tap feature with the car door opening. Then next shows the swipe motion to open the car door completely. Keyless entry at its finest!

With Smart Touch®, you no longer need the door handle.

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