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Ascencioné®  Car Electronic Innovations

Ascencione ´ ® is an innovative company committed to making highly usable, smart electronic innovations for the automotive, heavy truck, car, van, military, and consumer product markets. Our skilled, creative design team and proven design process ensure successful product design from concept to production. By optimizing multiple technologies, in real-time, under one roof, we are able to accomplish the development, validation, and production of our customer’s products at a more rapid rate than our rivals.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to create next-generation advanced-sensing, “Command and Control Systems,” that offer higher levels of safety and comfort.

Quality Policy: To learn and fully comply with all customer, regulatory and statutory requirements, to exceed our planned objectives, and to continuously improve our systems and our products so that all current and future expectations are satisfied.

Our Commercial Advantage (smart electronic innovations):

  • Highly innovative
  • Vertically integrated
  • Advanced electronic and mechatronic design
  • Globally cost-competitive
  • Quality certified
  • High-volume capability
  • smart electronic innovations 

The direction of opportunity

Progress occurs

when opportunities are realized

by those who see

a delicately balanced whole

comprised of 

seemingly contradictory parts.

by Mary Seager

smart electronic innovations
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