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Gesture recognition Smart Open Close® System for an electric car charger ( EV )

Open and Close with a simple hand gesture for your EV charger plug port cover ( EV Lid )

The Smart Open / Smart Close® powered closure controller is a solid-state, non-contact, high-performance gesture and proximity detection system that provides a unique way of opening and closing an e-lid (EV Lid for your electronic vehicle). That reveals your EV Charging Plugs ( J1772 plug ), so you can hook up your EV charger from a Level 3 charging station.

EV charger cover box

With a simple hand gesture – Swipe up to open and swipe down to close. You can open the EV Charger cover box simply and electronically. The value comes from the directed research in capacitive and radar sensing applications. With this technology, we open doors, windows, hatches, sunroofs, liftgates, and now EV lids ( E-lids ). We provide unparalleled experience in automotive technology development and manufacturing.

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EV charger plug port cover

We open and close the Waterproof cover for the electric car charger ( J1772 plug – 3-pin plug ). Our car sensor operates in adverse conditions ( rain, wash ) – read-out, and isolates contaminants to avoid false positives. We are making it perfect for the electric car charging point. Not touching the cover keeps your vehicle clean, along with keeping you safe.

Gestures are customizable to customers’ needs/wants for their electric car charger.

You can customize the gesture so that your vehicle is the easiest and safest opening and closing possible. A fail-safe, close operation can be automatic after a timed delay and/or when the vehicle is “started.” Allowing for a simple, fast electric car charger ( EV ) experience.

Flush to the car’s surface

Because you are not required to touch the vehicle, you won’t need a “handle” sticking out, which allows for a clean, aesthetically pleasing look. Also, it eliminates the requirement to “touch” the vehicle’s exterior. Keep your electric car charging area clean and looking great!

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