child safety system
Smart close innovations keeping kids safe with Anti-Trap

Smart Close® Anti-Trap Power Liftgate, Sliding Door, Tailgate, Tonneau, Window & Sunroof

Smart Close® anti-trap closures provide safety and security by sensing and responding to a human presence, i.e., the capacitive system instantly reverses without human contact, preventing accidental injury. Our electronic module controls the motor and commands panel position reversal. Holding the switch in the “closed” position will not activate with human contact. The Smart Close® system integrates with all power closures. These non-contact/low contact force SmartClose® systems allow for remote management of vehicle closures using a personal phone. Without requiring the vehicle to be in visual contact with the operator if desired.

Next-generation advanced sensing is our mission!

Anti-Trap Doors – Self-Closing

Intelligent Anti-Trap Doors Self-Closing Smart Close® Provides Capacitive, non-contact obstacle detection at the hinge point of doors – Anti-Trap Doors Anti-trap self closing doors

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