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Non-Contact Anti-Trap Seats

Non-Contact Anti-Trap Seats
  • Sense human presence without contact with Non-Contact Anti-Trap Seats
  • Provide injury-free, no-trap protection
  • Reverse without contact, even when the switch is held in the closed position
  • The exact return location can be precisely engineered
  • Interfaces with all power closure systems, including “one-touch-up” express-close power windows, power liftgates, sliding doors, sunroofs, convertible, and panoramic roofs
  • Sensors, controls, and wiring can be fully integrated into existing Tier1 vehicle components with little to no Vehicle Assembly Plant impact or done modularly
  • Existing vehicle:  Occupant safety and object protection is based on current sensing
  • Current sensing must first physically crush object, then build more current load and finally reverse (Left side – ascencione  ´® System Right side – Production System)
  • Next generation non-contact Power Seat Safety Systems protect occupants and their possessions without crushing. Provides unsupervised actuation of the seat

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