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Girl dragged by school bus driver – STOP with Smart Close®.

Child dragged by school bus

Our Smart Close® prevents children (and adults) from school bus injury. 

School buses are one of the safest ways for children to get to and from school, but accidents can still happen. Every year, an estimated 120 deaths and numerous injuries occur involving school-transportation-related crashes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Prevent injuries / deaths using sensors that stop movement when an object is detected. Ascencioné® patented door systems are designed to monitor themselves for safety and alert drivers when the opening isn’t safe. The sensors can be retrofitted in existing safety edges and are extremely resistant to heat and fire. One such common accident is a child becoming stuck in a bus door – resulting in child dragged by school bus. As soon as a finger or any other object is detected, the sensor stops the closing movement of the door, preventing injury. Our pressure-sensitive sensors are installed inside and outside of school buses, stopping potential injuries from happening. If a child’s finger, arm, or backpack becomes trapped in the door, the driver may not be aware and drive off, potentially causing more injury. Ascencioné® has developed a capacitive sensor to stop such accidents from happening.

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We can stop these headlines of child school bus injuries together.

  • A six-year-old boy was dragged nearly 600 feet by a school bus in early this year after his backpack got caught in the bus door in Buxton, Maine.
  • A school bus in Kentucky dragged a seven-year-old about 1,000 feet after the exit door shut on her backpack as she tried to de-board the vehicle.
  • A boy was dragged about 100 feet – a bus driver drags kid in Prince William County, Va.
  • A 14-year-old boy was crushed to death when his jacket strings got caught on a bus-door handrail. The bus dragging was in Kansas City.
  • A first-grade child tried to exit a school bus, but he was caught and dragged for nearly a mile in Forsyth County, N.C.
  • A 13-year-old boy’s backpack got caught in the doors of his school bus, then dragged nearly 175 feet as the bus drove away, in Utah School.
  • The 5-year-old boy was dangling from a school bus. A student in Western New York dragged Tuesday for nearly half a mile after her backpack caught in the bus doors.
  • The little girl (2nd grader) was a victim of school bus dragging – girl dragged by school bus. She got off the bus, and the driver closed the door on her book bag in North Royalton, OH.

Illustration of shoes torn up by the school bus dragging

School bus accidents with children

Deaths from school buses

Each year school buses claim the lives of children. Below is an example of the locations of accidents involving school buses recently in the United States. Our goal is to reduce this number by as much as possible in the future.

For more information:

National Safety Council

Bus-related accidents injure children every year. 

The above-bulleted list gives examples of instances where school buses injured children. 

There is no mention of other cases where full-grown adults experience similar injuries on public transportation. Our Smart Close® product fixes these along with so many additional issues.


We also developed smart close for windows, sunroofs, tailgates, lift gates, etc.

One such common accident is a child becoming stuck in a bus door. 

Ascencioné® designs sensors to monitor the school buses for safety. It will keep the door from accidentally closing and capturing an object. When an object is detected, the sensor will not allow the closing of the door. 

Ascencioné® has developed a capacitive sensor to prevent such accidents. 

This sensor is installed in the seals of the bus door and is triggered when near or touched, automatically reversing. This technology doesn’t allow the door or window to close if the sensor is activated. Some sensors allow for steps and entries that will alert someone of the presence of a body standing on the surface again, avoiding such injuries. The sensor reacts to even very small objects by stopping the closing movements of doors. 

It prevents injuries such as pinching or dragging, which can often be fatal. 

– Every year, over 100,000 children are injured in bus-related accidents. 

– Of these, 2,000 are injured seriously enough to require hospitalization. 

– Prevent many of these accidents using smart close capacitive sensors. 


Children and safety of people is a reflection on us at Ascencioné®

Prevention of schoolbus related accidents 

There are many types of bus-related accidents like “Kentucky child dragged by school bus”. Many factors cause Bus accidents, such as driver error, mechanical failure, or hazardous road conditions. However, there are ways to help prevent bus accidents from happening. Bus manufacturers can install safety features that will help protect passengers in the event of a crash. Bus drivers can learn to drive safely and pay attention to the road. By taking these precautions, we can help minimize and ensure bus-related accidents.

How do Ascencioné® pressure-sensitive sensors work?

Ascencioné® capacitive sensors work by detecting an object with capacitance. Objects are in the way of the door and window and stop the closing movement. This stopping prevents potential accidents, such as someone being pinched or dragged. Ascencioné® sensors can detect any object that may get in the way of the door closing. Additionally, ascecioné makes sensors that detect the presence of a person, body, or any obstruction.

Sensors for bus safety

We make sensors for bus doors and windows but also for sunroofs, safety steps, and wheelchair ramps. These sensors monitor themselves for safety and alert drivers when the opening isn’t safe. It is essential to have these sensors installed on buses so that we can avoid any potential accidents from happening. Please help us spread the word about this important safety feature!

To find out more about how Ascencioné® can help improve safety on your school bus and other vehicles, visit let’s stop “kid dragged by school bus headlines.”

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