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Auto Safety Systems Advanced Production.

Hot washer fluid for faster, safer, de-icing
and cleaning; Advanced Driver-Assistance
System (ADAS) version is also available

Auto Safety Systems

Smart Close® Adjust/fold Rear Seat, anti-trap feature

ClearFast® Hot washer fluid for faster, safer, de-icing and cleaning; Advanced Driver-Assistance System (ADAS) version is also available

KidSafe® Rear Seat Child Detection System

Smart Close® anti-trap system for lift-gate, doors, windows, and sunroof

Smart Open-Close Power Lift-gate, gesture recognition system Capacitive/Radar

Smart Touch® Intelligent Surfaces

KETS Keyless Entry Touchpad System

Adjust/fold Rear Seat,
anti-trap feature

Gesture Recognition
System Capacitive/Radar

Intelligent Surfaces