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Car Sensor Firsts

Industry - Car Sensor  Firsts*

Since 1968 - Sensors, controls, displays, annunciators

Automotive Sensors Market – Car Sensor Firsts

Microprocessors in Cars - based systems

2005 - Present
Further system integration of SENSE→COMPUTE→CONTROL®

  • First high-performance centrifugal HVAC compressor; Ford
  • First sensor solid-state turbidity fluid (“photon counter”); GE
  • First “Smart” dishwasher: auto-sensing soiled dished; GE
  • First air-driven automotive turbine generator; Ford
  • First high performance integrated oven & range; Magic Chef
  • First diesel Quick-Start electrical control system; GM Diesel
  • First touch screen user volume production; E-One
  • First scrollable solid-state input system; SANYO
  • First non-contact anti-trap window closure systems (Smart Close®); SANYO
  • First convertible roof closure non-contact anti-entrapment systems; ASC First RFI motor suppressor; General Motors, Ford
  • First low-cost integrated seat/door/IP cockpit control system; Chrysler
  • First Smart VOVTM high-performance refrigerant control; General Motors
  • First adaptive, high efficiency, ice cuber system; Scotsman
  • First fully integrated variable fuel delivery CAFE system; GM, Chrysler
  • First operator interactive gen-set control system; E-One, Pierce
So proud to be a leader in the Automotive Sensors Market – systems integration

*These are Nartron patented products – Car Sensor  Firsts

partial list Rev. 3/15

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