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Ascencione: Driving Excellence through IATF Certification

Scope: Design and manufacture of advanced intelligent sensors and motion drive/control systems.

Welcome to Ascencione, where excellence meets precision in automotive solutions. We take pride in our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, exemplified by our IATF certification.

Why IATF Certification Matters–Purpose of IATF Certification:

IATF certification is indispensable for companies in the automotive sector, building upon the ISO 9001 standard with industry-specific requirements.

Benefits of IATF Certification:

Global Recognition: IATF certification is globally recognized and accepted by automotive manufacturers worldwide.

Quality Management: It ensures the implementation of a robust quality management system, reflecting our dedication to delivering high-quality products.

Competitive Edge: IATF certification provides a competitive advantage in the automotive supply chain, demonstrating our commitment to meeting industry standards.
How It Could Benefit Your Experience: Explore the facets of our IATF certification on our webpage:(Visit ASR Worldwide for more details.)

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Credibility, Trust, and Beyond:

Credibility and Trust: Displaying our IATF certification enhances credibility, showcasing our dedication to international quality standards.

Competitive Advantage: In a highly competitive industry, IATF certification sets us apart, demonstrating a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Global Market Access: For global expansion, IATF certification is essential, reassuring international clients and partners of our adherence to industry standards.

Customer Confidence: Certification signals a dedication to delivering high-quality products, fostering increased customer confidence and loyalty.

Process OptimizationThe certification process involves a deep analysis, leading to optimization and efficiency improvements, positively impacting our operations.

Supplier Relationships: Certifications may be crucial for engaging with certain partners, ensuring alignment with industry standards.

In summary, our IATF certification contributes to our success by enhancing credibility, competitiveness, and customer trust. It symbolizes a commitment to quality and continuous improvement, essential attributes in today’s business environment.

Certificate Number: IAOB-1021 

IATF Certificate Number: 0422165 

Date of Certification: September 4, 2021 

Date of Certification Expiration: September 3, 2024 

Revision: 2


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