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30 examples of Auto Innovation this is how it's done!
Inc. Magazine April

Auto Innovation

The auto innovation industrial, technological and social FABRIC of America has changed over the past 30 years.

Who has caused those changes?

We are No. 8!

Since 1979, Inc. has been focused on the most audacious and dynamic players in the U.S.’s economy: entrepreneurs. Here’s what we saw at the revolution!

8: They roll their own. For more than 40 years, Norman Rautiola’s

ascencione  ´® Corporation has designed and manufactured not only electrical systems but also virtually all the components that go into them Rauliola is fanatical about creating the parts in-house­ that way, everything is optimized for his products. The process also develops employees’ technical expertise and gives
oppor­tunities for Auto Innovation.

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