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Laboratory Research – Design Validation

Laboratory Research design validation Development for automotive

ascencione´® helps clients predict the reliability of electronic devices and investigates potential failures through Laboratory Research physical testing, supplier assessment, design reviews, and more. The ascencione  ´® team routinely helps clients improve product reliability and customer satisfaction.

Laboratory design testing for automotive electronic sensors to measure

ascencioné® tests all projects for cars, trucks, and other passenger vehicles with laboratory research. Projects with various sophisticated electronic sensors that measure: Linear and rotary position, Distance/location, Velocity, Fluid level/flow, Pressure, Temperature, Light, Acceleration, Force, Touch, and Proximity. Autonomous and electric vehicle technology is growing; more sensors are in each vehicle.

Testing at extremes

Automotive electronics must function in the harsh environments each vehicle delivers because we have multiple military contracts those “harsh environments” multiply. Each of our sensors must be able to perform without fail in all extremes: temperature changes, precipitation and moisture, impact, and pulsation. We test and validate each of our products to perform at elevated standards. All are tested in our highly developed laboratories to demonstrate the performance over time of these automotive sensors and electronics.

Our Sensors Compute

Once measured, we determine what action should perform based on that data. We use Embedded systems, Logic & intelligence, Electronic hardware, Filtering, Signal processing, Signal analysis, PID control, Software algorithms, Operating systems, Data communications, and User interface / UX. All products must be able to perform based on the measured data. Testing engineers confirm how electronics and sensors perform when subjected to these dramatic changes with all measurements.

Our sensor Empower

These sensors make electronic devices function. We use Mechatronic systems, Motor control, Actuators, Kinematics, Open/closed loop, Electric/fluid power, Lighting, Displays, and Haptics. Once designed and developed, our laboratory research of all our electronic systems perform. Our electronic systems make it to production, but with guaranteed performance.

Our expert engineers can help you test your electronic component or sensor’s ability to endure and perform in harsh conditions. Contact us; we can make it work! 

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