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Automotive Laboratory Research – Design Validation

Laboratory Research design validation Development for automotive

Ascencioné® specializes in laboratory research and design validation, contributing to the automotive industry’s progress in areas such as advanced automotive materials research, sustainable automotive innovations, and autonomous vehicle technology development.

Cutting edge solutions with laboratory research

Our dedicated team at Ascencioné® employs rigorous laboratory research practices, encompassing physical testing, supplier assessment, design reviews, and more. This comprehensive approach ensures the reliability of electronic devices and addresses potential failures, aligning with the industry’s need for cutting-edge solutions.

Electric Vehicle R&D Trends and Connected Car Software Development

In the realm of laboratory research for automotive electronic sensors, Ascencioné® excels in testing various sophisticated components that measure crucial parameters, including: linear and rotary position, distance/location, velocity, fluid level/flow, pressure, temperature, light, acceleration, force, touch, and proximity. As the automotive landscape evolves with the rise of electric vehicle R&D trends and connected car software development, our commitment to testing and validating products remains unwavering.

Demonstrate the performance of automotive sensors

Testing at extremes is a cornerstone of our process, ensuring that automotive electronics can withstand harsh environments. This commitment is fortified by our involvement in multiple military contracts, where the demand for reliability in extreme conditions is multiplied. Our laboratory facilities, equipped with advanced technology, demonstrate the performance of automotive sensors and electronics over time, validating their durability.

Emerging Trends in Automotive Electronics

Our sensors play a pivotal role in making electronic devices function seamlessly. Leveraging expertise in automotive safety systems research, and emerging trends in automotive electronics, we design products that meet elevated standards. Testing engineers at Ascencioné® rigorously confirm how electronics and sensors perform under dramatic changes, considering all relevant measurements.

Autonomous Vehicle Technology Research:

Electric Vehicle Electronics Testing:

Automotive Electronics Environmental Testing:

Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Research:

Smart Manufacturing in Automotive Sector:

Sustainable Energy Solutions for Vehicles:

Innovative Automotive Testing Methods:

Automotive Electronics Endurance Testing:

Our research guarantees exceptional performance

Our electronic systems, empowered by automotive artificial intelligence applications and automotive industry 4.0 implementation, undergo meticulous laboratory research. This process ensures that our products not only make it to production but also guarantee exceptional performance.

Development of electronic components or sensors under challenging conditions

Ascencioné® offers expertise in the broader spectrum of automotive development, encompassing smart manufacturing in the automotive sector, sustainable energy solutions for vehicles, and automotive cybersecurity research. Our expert engineers stand ready to assist you in testing the endurance and performance of your electronic components or sensors under challenging conditions. Contact us, and let’s collaborate to make it work!

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