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An iQ Power capacitive touch screen improves the device panel 

  1. functionality and
  2. at a lower cost to the vehicle. 

The next step in the touchscreen technology. Our first: Tech before its time; Buick put the first Touchscreen in a car

The IP can now become user-controlled.

Allowing a new IP display, i.e., “virtual change” by instant software upgrades (a completely new IP look without purchasing a new vehicle). Because retooling is not required, this reduces OEM producing lead times. IQ places these concepts in styling and function into pleasing sculpted surfaces. Different than today’s outdated flat panel interface styling. Vehicle center stacks and instrument panels can use these panels.

Capacitive Touch Screen

Unique shapes and contours in touch panel surfaces are made possible. We are directly applying touch screen components to the backside of contoured touch panel surfaces. Ancestral touch screen technology is different. Currently, the face of the visual display houses the touch interface components. LCDs are placed behind contoured surfaces using standard LCD displays. Empower the new and exacting design clarity without offering function with iQ Power™. 

Create pleasing (HMI)

Designers can transition between simple and complex surface contours to create attractive human-mechanical interfaces (HMI) between driver and vehicle. Portable electronic devices like smartphones can connect with vehicle functions. These devices extend the vehicle’s features and share details to improve vehicle functions. The OEM can create HMI programs to configure vehicle displays and functions unique for each person. This paper describes new technology’s enhanced design, IP functions, and vehicle user upgrades. Depicted below is this new technology.

Capacitive Touch Screen Jeep Wagoner
Capacitive Touch Screen for the Jeep Wagoner
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