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In-Car Electronic Experience: iQ Power Unveils Capacitive Touch Screen Advancements

Enhancing Functionality at a Lower Vehicle Cost

Embracing the forefront of touchscreen technology, iQ Power introduces a game-changing capacitive touch screen that not only improves device panel functionality but also does so at a cost-effective measure for the vehicle. This breakthrough sets a new standard, challenging traditional approaches to in-vehicle displays.

Tech Evolution: From Buick’s Pioneering Touchscreen to User-Controlled IPs
Tracing the evolutionary journey of touchscreen innovation, iQ Power takes pride in being at the forefront. Buick’s groundbreaking move of incorporating the first touchscreen in a car marked the initial step. Now, with iQ Power, the Intelligent Panel (IP) takes a significant leap, becoming user-controlled. This allows for dynamic IP displays, introducing the concept of “virtual change” through instant software upgrades, transforming the vehicle’s look without the need for retooling.

Capacitive Touch Screen Unleashed: Redefining Design and Functionality
The advent of iQ Power’s capacitive touch screen opens avenues for unparalleled design flexibility. Unlike conventional flat panel interfaces, this technology allows for unique shapes and contours in touch panel surfaces. By placing touch screen components directly on the backside of contoured surfaces, iQ Power redefines the possibilities, moving away from the limitations of ancestral touch screen technologies where components are housed on the visual display’s face.

Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) Elevated: Seamless Connectivity and Personalization

Designers now have the creative freedom to transition between simple and complex surface contours, crafting visually appealing human-mechanical interfaces (HMI) that bridge the gap between the driver and the vehicle. iQ Power enables the integration of portable electronic devices like smartphones, enhancing vehicle functions and extending features. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can develop personalized HMI programs, configuring displays and functions uniquely tailored for each individual, thereby creating a more personalized and engaging in-vehicle experience.

Capacitive Touch Screen Jeep Wagoner
Capacitive Touch Screen for the Jeep Wagoner
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