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“Dead cool capacitive-touch cockpit”

Smart touch® HMI connectivity brings your home and office to the vehicle capacitive-touch cockpit  for the first time….

  • capacitive-touch cockpit

  • Elegant, uncomplicated, iPhone-like design
  • Operates at the speed of thought
  • Unparalleled level of customized in-vehicle connectivity


Ultra sleek, smooth sculptured display surface comes alive with a simple hand sweep (instead of traditional buttons and switches) to control music, navigation, climate, and other cockpit systems.

capacitive-touch cockpit
Part No. 1330023
A drivers dream come true. . .

Enhances care and comfort with these features:

  • Wide design freedom in instrument panel styling/function
  • iPhone-like styling all customers desire
  • Reconfigurable screen/personalized app friendly
  • Easy to use screens reduce driver distraction
  • iQ Power® systems improve functionality/cost less than knobs/buttons
  • Reliability breakthrough
  • Brilliant display/vibrant colors
capacitive-touch cockpit

Smart Touch® is covered under one of more patents and others pending Smart Touch® and iQ Power® are trademarks of ascencione  ´® 

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