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Automotive Engineering Award for Smart Power® express-close window system is a compact, low cost, fully adaptive system that meets FMYSS 118 regulations; GM9114P and 9115P EMC requirements. This unique system integrates electronic controls, drive motor and EMI filtering into a compact assembly. It’s compatibility to existing designs make it the.first choice for all manufacturers.

The system’s patented sense-compute-control® algorithm automatically adapts to environmental changes, mechanical aging, and other dynamic conditions, which ensures peak operating performance even while in use over time.

A similar intelligent motion drive system is available for positioning pedals, seats, sunroofs, steering columns, door hatches, etc. System integration via custom embedded microprocessor sense-compute-control® creates new system feature opportunities (cost-effectively).

Integrated SENSE – COMPUTE – CONTROL® Systems

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Smart Power® and sense-compute-control® are registered trademarks Automotive Engineering Awards

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