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iQ Power™ Systems – Virtual keypad and touchscreen

  • IP Virtual Keypad™ (switches)
  • Door Virtual Keypads™ (switches)
  • Virtual Keypad™ (steering wheel controls)
  • Smart Touch™ Centerstack Part No. 1310673
  • AV & Vehicle Virtual Keypad™
  • Infotainment Virtual Display
  • Door Virtual Keypads™ (switches)
  • Window Virtual Keypads™ (switches) Part No. 1330022
  • Window Virtual Keypads™ (Smart Close™ ) Part No. 1330022
  • Liftgate Virtual Touchpad™ (Smart Close™ )
  • Virtual Display Control
  • Stowable Finger iQ™ System (computerized touchscreen)
  • Cluster Virtual Touchscreen™ (multi-touch Interactive display)

iQ PowerTM Systems provides up to $450.00/vehicle cost savings! It also eliminates the electrical system overloading.

Virtual Keypad

Smart Touch® is covered under one of more patents and others pending Smart Touch® and iQ Power® are trademarks of ascencione  ´®