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Revolutionizing Vehicle Control: The Innovative Solutions of iQ Power™ Systems

In today’s automotive landscape, innovation is key to staying ahead of the curve. Enter iQ Power™ Systems, a trailblazer in the realm of vehicle control technologies. With a diverse array of cutting-edge products designed to enhance user experience and streamline operations, iQ Power™ Systems is reshaping the future of automotive control systems.

Virtual Keypad and Touchscreen Solutions

At the heart of iQ Power™ Systems’ offerings are its revolutionary virtual keypad and touchscreen solutions. From the intuitive Virtual Keypad™ integrated into the steering wheel controls to the IP Virtual Keypad™ and Door Virtual Keypads™, these state-of-the-art interfaces redefine how drivers interact with their vehicles. With seamless integration and user-friendly interfaces, iQ Power™ Systems’ virtual keypads set a new standard for convenience and accessibility.

Smart Touch® Centerstack and Infotainment Display

The Smart Touch® Centerstack, represented by Part No. 1310673, serves as the central hub for vehicle control and infotainment. With its advanced features and intuitive design, the Smart Touch® Centerstack enhances the driving experience by providing easy access to essential functions and entertainment options.

Enhanced Control with Virtual Display and Touchpad Solutions

iQ Power™ Systems goes beyond traditional controls with its range of virtual display and touchpad solutions. From the Cluster Virtual Touchscreen™, offering a multi-touch interactive display, to the Liftgate Virtual Touchpad™ with Smart Close® functionality, these innovative interfaces empower drivers with enhanced control and functionality.

Cost Savings and Efficiency with iQ Power™ Systems

One of the most compelling aspects of iQ Power™ Systems’ solutions is their ability to deliver tangible benefits to automotive manufacturers and end-users alike. With up to $450.00 per vehicle in cost savings and the elimination of electrical system overloading, iQ Power™ Systems’ products not only enhance the driving experience but also improve efficiency and reliability.

Driving Innovation Forward

In an industry constantly evolving to meet the demands of modern drivers, iQ Power™ Systems stands out as a beacon of innovation and ingenuity. Through its groundbreaking virtual keypad and touchscreen solutions, advanced infotainment displays, and commitment to cost savings and efficiency, iQ Power™ Systems is driving the future of vehicle control systems forward. With each product representing a leap forward in technology and user experience, iQ Power™ Systems is poised to shape the automotive landscape for years to come.

  • IP Virtual Keypad™ (switches)
  • Door Virtual Keypads™ (switches)
  • Virtual Keypad™ (steering wheel controls)
  • Smart Touch™ Centerstack Part No. 1310673
  • AV & Vehicle Virtual Keypad™
  • Infotainment Virtual Display
  • Door Virtual Keypads™ (switches)
  • Window Virtual Keypads™ (switches) Part No. 1330022
  • Window Virtual Keypads™ (Smart Close™ ) Part No. 1330022
  • Liftgate Virtual Touchpad™ (Smart Close™ )
  • Virtual Display Control
  • Stowable Finger iQ™ System (computerized touchscreen)
  • Cluster Virtual Touchscreen™ (multi-touch Interactive display)
  • iQ PowerTM Systems provides up to $450.00/vehicle cost savings! It also eliminates the electrical system overloading.
Virtual Keypad

Smart Touch® is covered under one of more patents and others pending Smart Touch® and iQ Power® are trademarks of ascencione  ´®
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