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Keyless Entry Brand Touchpad

Keyless Touchpad on Ram 1500

Keyless Entry Touchpad enhances comfort and security by sensing and responding to a driver specific program. Unlocking the door instantly. This system will also allow for keys to be safely left in the vehicle with the doors locked. The Keyless Touchpad can be applied to smooth, sculptured shapes in a brand location. WOW-factor – the touchpad is not visible until activated…then it comes “alive”!

Keyless Touchpad Benefits:

  • Allows secure vehicle entry without key or keyfob
  • Locks and unlocks all doors
  • Provides Brand exposure (constant illumination)
  • Works with gloves
  • Access code or gesture
  • Recall saved mirror and seat position settings
Keyless Brand Touchpad
  • Two-shot white letter style shows text – clearly visible in daylight
  • Dead-front or two-shot white letter styles are backlit with OEM choice of light color
  • Backlighting color can be end user programmable if desired
  • Keyless entry by pressing revealed letters in a sequence – M-5-A-R-1 for example
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