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Strategic Pursuit of Excellence:

  • A Commitment to Long-Term Process Capability and Performance Excellence
  • Precision in Planning
  • Adherence to the Highest Quality Benchmarks
  • Part Certification Attainment Plan Unveiled
  • Strategic Emphasis on Part Variation Reduction
  • A Blueprint for Continuous Improvement
  • Implementation Excellence


Quality Assurance Beyond Recognition

Obtaining GP8 Part Certification is a significant achievement for any organization, symbolizing a commitment to long-term process capability and performance excellence. This certification serves as a testament to the organization’s dedication to meeting and exceeding industry standards, ensuring that their products adhere to the highest quality benchmarks. GP8 Part Certification is not merely a recognition but a validation of an organization’s sustained efforts in achieving excellence in part variation reduction and continuous improvement. This certification attests to the organization’s alignment with Targets for Excellence, showcasing a strategic approach towards enhancing overall operational efficiency.

In the following communication, Flint Automotive Division expresses its appreciation to Bill Farrell for his organization’s outstanding efforts in securing GP8 Part Certification. The letter specifically commends the clear outline of the part certification attainment plan, which focuses on reducing part variation and fostering continuous improvement. The subsequent paragraphs elaborate on the successful implementation of this plan, culminating in the well-deserved GP8 part certification for specific part numbers. This recognition not only acknowledges Mr. Farrell’s team but also underscores the organization’s commitment to quality, making it a noteworthy achievement in the automotive industry.

Subject: GP8 Part Certification

ATTN: Bill Farrell – GP8 Part Certification

35 W. Huron St. Suite 404
Pontiac, MI 48058

Dear Mr. Farrell:

Flint Automotive Division would like to recognize your organization, because you have demonstrated long term process capability and performance leading to GP-8 Part Certification.

Your support of Targets for Excellence is clearly outlined in your part certification attainment plan which focuses on part variation reduction and continuous improvement.

It is evident that you have successfully implemented this plan and are therefore being awarded GP-8 part certification on part numbers:


Again, congratulations to your team!

Purchasing Agent

Manager Supplier Development and Certification

B-O-C Flint Automotive Division 


General Motors Corporation 4100 S. Saginaw Street Flint, MI 48557

GP8 Part Certification
GP8 Part Certification
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