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Improving RF Immunity: Tackling Susceptibility

Our paramount objective is to fortify our system’s tolerance to RF energy introduced through power supply feed lines. Through meticulous investigation, we’ve identified that RF energy intrusion is predominantly attributed to the layout of the printed circuit board. Our extensive tests have demonstrated that our more integrated sub-system designs exhibit significantly enhanced resistance compared to early iterations of the circuit board.

Managing Emissions: Addressing RF Energy Radiation

While emission scans unveiled values exceeding specifications, a thorough inquiry pointed to the microprocessor’s clock oscillator as the primary source of undesirable RF energy. This radiation is particularly exacerbated by the layout of the discrete circuit’s printed circuit board. Our ongoing work with circuit sub-systems has showcased substantial emission reduction below stipulated levels by employing a more integrated circuit design. This strategic approach effectively reduces PCB traces that carry RF energy, along with a meticulous focus on optimizing the microprocessor’s clock oscillator design and usage.

Future Roadmap: Advancing EMC Compliance

Our strategic trajectory involves transitioning toward a more highly integrated electronic circuit architecture. The successful filtering strategies derived from earlier versions will be seamlessly integrated. Notably, our upcoming revisions will place special emphasis on refining the microprocessor’s clock oscillator design.

The design of printed circuit board traces, albeit fewer in number, will adhere to meticulous routing, sizing, and filtering standards informed by invaluable insights gleaned from test data and exhaustive investigations of prior iterations.

With unwavering conviction, we anticipate that embracing this meticulously outlined design pathway will culminate in a KidSafe® Rear Seat Child Reminder system that attains complete EMC compliance. Experience enhanced RF immunity and emissions control, ensuring optimal performance and safety for your child passengers.

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