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Control your windows with sliding motions.
Virtual Touchpad® drivers window switch console

Car Window Touchpad – Virtual Touchpad® window/door control

A simple touch and sliding motion across a selected window pad provides a new standard of ease and safety.


Imagine a driver’s door control so sophisticated a simple iPad-like finger gesture touch and sliding motion across a selected touchpad controls window opening and closing.

Virtual Touchpad eliminates unintentional openings by children or pets. If either inadvertently leaned or stood on mechanical switches providing a new safety standard.

Our solid-state electronics significantly reduce warranty costs associated with mechanical switches that wear out and are affected by coffee, pop spills, or moisture.

Operates windows, mirrors, and locking features.

100% sealed. Works well with gloves and reduces space by .75″ shorter height. Flexible styling & backlight options are available.

Virtual Touchpad enhanced “ease and comfort” with the following features:

  • iPad–like finger gesture across a capacitive touchpad senses finger presence for smooth/easy open
  • No mechanical buttons to push/pull reduce accidental activation by children/pets for increased safety
  • Elegant, sleek surface provides upscale flat touchpad design customers crave
  • Solid state electronics greatly reduce the warranty cost of mechanical switches that wear out / are immune to spills
  • Greater direct connection between window/finger movement as the window moves right in step with a finger gesture
  • Software simulation of keys, buttons, and knobs; eliminates surface etching of plastic keys
  • Fully reconfigurable; including remotely (limitless touchpad styling flexibility v. switch design parameters)
  • Tactility available
  • High price feature option versus plain old mechanical switch standard equipment
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