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Our commercial sensor/control Advantage ….. 

1. Advanced electronic design: Deep and highly experienced electronic design capability empowers new product timely production launch, as well as timely implementation of engineering changes as needed.

2. Globally cost competitive: Extremely close control of people, equipment, tooling, test systems, support facilities and the actual process (through advanced Process Reliability Assurance techniques), we are competitive in price with Southeast Asia/Mexico.

3. Zero defects: Fully automated, state of the art, PRA focused manufacturing process that essentially eliminates human content. Total computer and electronic process control.

4. High volume throughput: The Chrysler Jeep Grand Cherokee centerstack module is densely packed with over 200 components. 40,000/week.

5. Michigan location: Close-by location provides for timely implementation of initial product launch, as well as timely execution of subsequent engineering changes.

6. Minority supplier: We are partnered with a Certified minority company which provides additional commercial benefits as required for specified programs 

Our mission is to create next generation integrated
sensor/control systems for:


2) SAFER and

3) more FUEL EFFICIENT vehicles


Industrial Significance

Sensor developed for Cadillac Road Sensing Suspension System (RSSS)

“Best electronically damped suspension in the world.” (Automotive News)

Nartron invention of the electronic touch screen (patent 5,796,183)

11 years before release of Apple iPhone to the market

Smart Close® non-contact, anti-pinch, zero-force, obstacle detection systems. SAE “Tech Award”

Next generation power closures (windows/doors) enhanced vehicle safety, convenience and comfort

Nartron developed Chrysler 200C electronic “connectivity” cockpit. HMI

“Apple Multi Point Activation iPhone Interface”

Nartron developed the Cadillac CUE iPad-like touch screen system

“Slickest Thing At The Detroit Auto Show” (Forbes)

Chrysler WK Jeep Grand Cherokee center stack electronics

Visual center of Jeep’s most awarded SUV ever

“In developing new products for our customers, we (Nartron) optimize multiple technologies simultaneously, in real time, under one roof, at a more rapid rate and more effectively than anyone in the industry. We have consistently outperformed all other firms. All required disciplines and resources are commanded by experienced Project Managers operating under accelerated timing utilizing computer controlled design to final production tooling implementation.” (Inc.)
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