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Ascencioné® earns military award for starter system

military award published in the Cadillac News

Read City – Ascencioné® corporation a Reed City company receives the recognition for excellence (in their starter system) silver award presented by the US military for participation in its Land and Maritime Supply Chains Building for freedom program.

Ascencioné® was acknowledged for its vehicle electrical engine starting system. Used in Humvees vehicles, the product improves reliability and tactical maneuvers and provides quick starting in combat.A

military award

Starter system for Military Vehicles

The invention pertains to a protective control box designed for vehicle starters and electrical systems, particularly in diesel engines. It includes circuitry to safeguard various components during engine start-up and operation. When the engine is in its pre-glow phase, a wait-to-start lamp is activated to signal to the operator that the glow plugs are heating up. The protective control box also triggers a brake warning lamp when the starter solenoid is engaged, providing additional safety indications to the operator. Moreover, it monitors the frequency of the alternator R-tap signal and the status of the starter switch to disable the starter when necessary, preventing potential damage to the engine. The control box is housed in a metal casing and mounted inside the vehicle’s passenger compartment for optimal protection and accessibility. Key features include protection for the starter, glow plug controllers, alternator, and providing safety alerts using Alert systems, to the operator.

Starter motor is operated safely and efficiently

The protective control box ensures that the engine’s starter motor is operated safely and efficiently. It operates based on inputs from various sensors and controllers, controlling the supply of power to the starter motor and other critical components.

Power Supply Control: The system monitors voltage levels and ensures that the power supplied to different components, like glow plugs and solenoids, remains within safe limits.

Glow Plug Control: It manages the power supplied to glow plugs, which aid in starting the engine, based on digital signals from the engine’s controller. This helps optimize engine starting performance.

Starter Solenoid Control: The system prevents the starter motor from engaging in potentially damaging situations, such as when the engine is already running or when excessive resistance is detected in the circuit.

Frequency to Voltage Control Logic: This sub-circuit monitors the frequency of the alternator’s output, which indicates engine speed. It adjusts the system’s response accordingly, ensuring that the starter motor is only engaged when it’s safe to do so.

Lockout Solenoid Control: It prevents the starter motor from engaging in situations where it could cause damage, such as when the engine is running or when the starter switch is held for too long.

Load Dump Solenoid Control: This sub-circuit ensures that the electrical load remains connected to the battery even after the engine is turned off, preventing voltage spikes that could damage the vehicle’s electrical system.

After-Glow Supply: It supplies an AC signal to the engine’s glow plug controller, controlling the duration of the glow plug afterglow cycle, which is essential for engine performance and emissions control.

Overall, the protective control box ensures the safe and efficient operation of the engine’s electrical systems, protecting critical components like the starter motor from damage and optimizing engine performance. The system is designed to be reliable and easily serviceable, housed in a metal box with ventilation apertures to dissipate heat effectively.

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