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Enhancing Autonomous Vehicles:
The Power of Vision Sensor Lens Cleaning

In the realm of autonomous vehicles and remotely operated systems, even a small amount of mud or debris can render them vulnerable. These vehicles encounter a wide range of substances and conditions, such as dust, oil, frost, snow, and, of course, mud, all of which can disrupt the vision of vital sensors like lidar and cameras. The challenge lies in the fact that these sensors are often mounted in hard-to-access areas, making cleaning a daunting task.

Vision Cleaning Sensors

A Crucial Need When deployed in remote or autonomous platforms, sensors are often out of reach, posing a significant cleaning challenge. The impairment of vision can greatly impact the performance of these vehicles, as clear visibility is crucial both day and night. Whether it’s for driving, automatic or operator-controlled weapons targeting, or identifying friend or foe, reliable human and machine vision support is of utmost importance. This urgent need for clear vision has underscored the necessity of an effective cleaning system that can restore and maintain optimal visibility.


A Trusted Military Supplier

With a rich history spanning 50 years in manufacturing reliable military electronic and mechatronic hardware, Nartron possesses a unique design DNA known as Sense, Compute, and Control®. Leveraging their expertise in rugged electronics, fluid power, fluid dynamics, and heated washer fluid systems, Nartron has developed a groundbreaking solution to the lens cleaning challenge. Their innovative approach combines effective cleaning, precise dispensing, and advanced control into a versatile system that effectively addresses this critical issue.

Introducing CVSS-HAV-MIL

The Ultimate Vision Sensor-Lens Cleaning System Ascencioné®, a distinguished military supplier based in Reed City, Michigan, has risen to the challenge of tackling tough problems like sensor cleaning. Their remarkable creation, the Clear Vision Safety System for Highly Automated Vehicles (CVSS-HAV-MIL), offers an unparalleled solution for rapidly cleaning defiled lenses. Think of it as a pressure wash for dirty lenses.

Revitalizing Lidar and Camera Sensors

The CVSS-HAV-MIL system leverages on-demand pressurized fluid and air, meticulously dispensed at the precise sensor area, effectively restoring and supporting optimal visibility. The system’s cleaning prowess comes into play for lidar and camera sensors, ensuring that they perform flawlessly. Even critical components like the Common Remotely Operated Weapons Station (CROWS) can be reevaluated and revised when operational capability is affected. Autonomous systems can initiate a clean cycle on command, thanks to the machine vision controller. The system offers versatility by accommodating various options and fluids based on specific requirements. Additionally, the CVSS-HAV-MIL system is designed to be compact, lightweight, and power-efficient (SWaP), making it easily integrable into a wide range of vehicles and applications, including autonomous leader-follower systems, robotic squad-support platforms, and advanced optics.

Sensor Lens Cleaning for Various Applications

The need for sensor lens cleaning extends beyond autonomous vehicles, especially in scenarios like leader-follower convoys where follower vehicles are exposed to dust and debris from the lead vehicle. Optics used in ground vehicles for route clearance also face harsh conditions that necessitate regular cleaning. Even smaller robotic platforms like PackBot or TALON can greatly benefit from tailored versions of the CVSS-HAV-MIL system, which are self-contained and require no power or support from the vehicle. These examples, among many others, emphasize the criticality of sensor lens cleaning and highlight the relevance and effectiveness of the CVSS-HAV-MIL solution.

Incorporating this groundbreaking technology into autonomous vehicles ensures their unbeatable performance in all conditions. To learn more about the game-changing capabilities of the CVSS-HAV-MIL system, please reach out to our team today. Don’t miss the opportunity to equip your vehicles with the future of vision sensor lens cleaning technology, revolutionizing the way autonomous systems operate.

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