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Unlocking the Potential: Vision Sensor Lens Cleaning in Autonomous Vehicles

In the dynamic landscape of autonomous vehicles and remotely operated systems, even minor debris can pose significant threats. Dust, oil, frost, snow, and mud are just a few adversaries these vehicles encounter, jeopardizing the functionality of essential sensors like lidar and cameras. Addressing this challenge becomes even more daunting due to the inaccessible mounting of the car sensor.

Elevating Vision Clarity: The Importance of Vision Cleaning Sensors

Meeting the Cleaning Challenge

When deployed in autonomous or remote platforms, sensors often operate in hard-to-reach areas, presenting a formidable cleaning obstacle. Impaired vision can severely hinder vehicle performance, emphasizing the critical need for clear visibility, day or night. Whether for driving, targeting systems, or identification purposes, dependable human and machine vision support remains paramount. This urgent demand for optimal vision underscores the necessity of an efficient cleaning system capable of restoring and preserving clear visibility.


Ascencioné®: A Trusted Provider in Military Solutions

A Legacy of Excellence

With a rich legacy spanning five decades in manufacturing military-grade electronic and mechatronic hardware, Nartron boasts a unique design DNA encapsulated in Sense, Compute, and Control®. Leveraging expertise in rugged electronics, fluid dynamics, and heated washer fluid systems, Nartron introduces a groundbreaking solution to the lens cleaning challenge. Their innovative approach integrates effective cleaning, precise dispensing, and advanced control into a versatile system, effectively addressing this critical issue.

Introducing CVSS-HAV-MIL: Revolutionizing Sensor Cleaning

The Ultimate Solution

Ascencioné®, a distinguished military supplier based in Reed City, Michigan, introduces the Clear Vision Safety System for Highly Automated Vehicles (CVSS-HAV-MIL). This remarkable creation offers an unparalleled solution for swiftly cleaning contaminated lenses, akin to a pressure wash for dirty lenses.

Revitalizing Sensor Performance: The CVSS-HAV-MIL Advantage

Enhanced Sensor Functionality

The CVSS-HAV-MIL system utilizes on-demand pressurized fluid and air, meticulously dispensed to precisely clean the sensor area, restoring and maintaining optimal visibility. From lidar to camera sensors, this system ensures flawless performance, even revitalizing critical components like the Common Remotely Operated Weapons Station (CROWS) when operational capability is compromised. Its compact, lightweight, and power-efficient design makes it easily integrable into a diverse array of vehicles and applications, setting new standards in autonomous system operation.

Extending Benefits Across Diverse Applications

Versatile Solutions for Varied Needs

The significance of sensor lens cleaning extends beyond autonomous vehicles, encompassing leader-follower convoys, ground vehicle optics, and smaller robotic platforms like PackBot or TALON. Tailored versions of the CVSS-HAV-MIL system cater to diverse requirements, emphasizing the criticality of sensor lens cleaning across multiple applications.

Join the Revolution: Embrace Future-ready Technology

Experience Unprecedented Performance

Incorporating groundbreaking technology like the CVSS-HAV-MIL system ensures unbeatable performance for autonomous vehicles in all conditions. Connect with our team today to explore the transformative capabilities of this game-changing solution. Seize the opportunity to equip your vehicles with the pinnacle of vision sensor lens cleaning technology, revolutionizing autonomous system operations.

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