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The industry’s 1st touchscreen, 1988 Buick

Buicks exclusive electronic control center for useful data transmission is truly unique. It replaces the functions of 90 different switches and gauges silently and efficiently. Operated by a touch sensitive CRT screen, it includes climate and entertainment controls, engine instrumentation and tachometer over speed alarm, a trip computer, and service diagnostics, plus a personal reminder calendar 

Smart Touch® replaced over 90 gages and switches.

20 years later… MY 2011 Smart Touch center stack

Brand X’s exclusive “simulated iPhone front face” touch-sensitive center stack operates all entertainment and HVAC controls. A key feature of Smart Touch allows for multiple touches simultaneously or sliding fingers across a knob or virtual keypad.

Smart Touch® virtual keypad replaces standard mechanical switches

Smart Touch® is a registered trademark of ascencioné® Corporation.

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