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Preheater Program

As the wheels of progress turn within the automotive sector, the Preheater Program Update takes center stage in a presentation by Harrison Radiator Division, a cornerstone of the General Motors Corporation. The venue for this crucial discussion is Ascencioné®’s home base in Reed City, where insights into the Preheater Program’s status and future unfold. Despite the termination of Harrison Radiator’s participation, Ascencioné®’s performance shines, as acknowledged by HRD’s favorable assessment. This article unveils the intricacies of Ascencioné®’s accomplishments, including meeting objectives amidst evolving specifications and tight timelines. HRD’s call for continued support and commitment, coupled with Ascencioné®’s identification among the top suppliers, positions the company strategically. Delving into the sourcing criteria, ranging from quality and technology to financials and employee programs, this piece explores the dimensions that elevate Ascencioné® within the automotive supply chain.

Harrison Radiator
Division of General Motors Corporation
200 Upper Mountain Road
Lockport, New York 14094

Ascencioné® Corporation 

35 West Huron, Suite 404
Pontiac, MI 48058


As you are well aware, Harrison Radiator’s participation in the Preheater Program has been terminated, and you have been advised to stop all work on the timer/controller. This unfortunate situation, however, should not overshadow the Preheater Product Development Team’s positive assessment of Ascencioné®’s overall performance on this project:

Technical competence & innovation, excellent communication, sensitivity to cost targets, adherence to timing benchmarks (in spite of evolving product definition), and the intensity of all involved to work-with a sense of urgency, are just some of the key areas your organization is to be commended. In essence, you have satisfied your customer.

We have relayed the above to Volvo Flygmotor who is currently reformulating their strategy regarding O.E.M. preheater applications. We expect they will be contacting you within the next month.

Again, thanks for your very capable efforts. It was a pleasure being associated with Ascencioné® Corp. on this program.

Product Engineering, Purchasing

Preheater Program Update

Harrison Radiator Div., GMC, presentation to Ascencioné® management, Reed City about the Preheater Program; 

HRD’s assessment

  • HRD is pleased with its performance.
  • Ascencioné® has done an outstanding job & has met all objectives in spite of changing specifications and tight timing.
  • design critique information must be incorporated in November samples.

How can Ascencioné® help with the Preheater Program?

  1. continue to support this program with the same level of dedication & commitment.
  2. investigate all possible cost reduction/quality improvement ideas.
  3. however: we realize that the message we deliver today may require you to reassess your position.
  4. we believe it’s only a matter of time until this is a “go” program. 

On the basis of this sourcing criteria, Ascencioné® was identified as in their Top Ten out of 1,200 suppliers–commendation issued by Mr. W. T. Sellman, Sup’v. 

AC/DE Flint Sourcing Criteria

Preheater program Image of Harrison
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