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Tiger racing with the anti trap window
anti trap window on the Mustang GT

Ford Product Excellence Award – windshield cleaninganti trap window” Mustang GT

ClearFast® – hot fluid windshield cleaning

♦ Invisible Shield™“kidSafe®” anti-trapping power windows 

♦ Mobility Products & Design brake/throttle hand controls

and many other features designed to improve the quality of life for the physically disabled driver.

awarded at SEMA — Las Vegas Convention Center  November 2-5, Booth # 21001

Mr. Paul Brown
Tiger Racing

96 Arrow Grand Circle Covina, CA 91722

You have been selected to receive a Ford Product Excellence Award for your Ford Mustang Project Vehicle – anti trap window.

This award has been created to recognize excellence in product development and total project vehicle execution. After a thorough assessment by members of Ford’s Product Development community, your vehicle has been selected as an award winner based on the following criteria:
New Product Development
• Vehicle Appearance
• Marketability/Fit with the Brand
• Use of Aftermarket Parts
• Display

Your excellence in building this project provides a benchmark for all Aftermarket organizations.

Thank you for your dedication and support of the Ford Project Vehicle program.

Chris P. Theodore

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