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Introducing the Revolutionary Master Vehicle Light Switch for Extreme Military Applications

First “rugged” electronic lighting master switch for military tactical vehicles

The first choice for “extreme condition” military applications

Uniquely provides:

• Longer life solid- state design; no moving parts

• Back lighting for night use

• Ease of operation; one-hand activation

• Recessed independent keypad to prevent accidental lighting adjustment

In the realm of military tactical vehicles, the demand for rugged and reliable equipment is paramount. Introducing the groundbreaking innovation in lighting control—the world’s first “extreme condition” electronic lighting master switch, explicitly designed for military applications.

This cutting-edge solution is set to revolutionize how lighting systems are managed in the most challenging environments. Manufactured by Advanced Input Devices (p/n 12484558) and Ascencioné® Defense (p/n 12484558), this state-of-the-art electronic switch has been rigorously tested and proven to excel where others falter.

One of the key advantages of this master vehicle light switch lies in its solid-state design, boasting an impressive lifespan thanks to the absence of any moving parts. This longevity ensures unparalleled durability even in the harshest operating conditions, guaranteeing reliable performance for extended periods.

Equipped with back lighting functionality, this switch ensures optimal visibility and ease of use during night operations. No longer will military personnel struggle to locate and operate the lighting controls in low-light environments, as the illuminated interface provides clear and intuitive guidance.

Designed with ease of operation in mind, the master vehicle light switch enables effortless activation with just one hand. This streamlined approach to control enhances operational efficiency, allowing users to adjust lighting settings without distraction or compromise swiftly.

Moreover, accidental lighting adjustments are effectively mitigated with the inclusion of a recessed independent keypad. This thoughtful feature prevents unintended changes to lighting configurations, ensuring consistent and precise illumination settings are maintained, even in the most demanding circumstances.

Stewart & Stevenson, renowned for their meticulous testing procedures, thoroughly evaluated both the Advanced Input Devices and Ascencioné® Defense electronic switches. Following rigorous examination, the Ascencioné® Defense switch emerged victorious, successfully meeting all of Stewart & Stevenson’s stringent criteria. In contrast, the Advanced Input switch fell short during testing.

For those seeking the ultimate lighting control solution for extreme military applications, the master vehicle light switch stands unrivaled. With its solid-state design, backlighting capabilities, one-hand activation, and safeguarded keypad, it is the epitome of cutting-edge technology tailored to the needs of military operations.

To experience this groundbreaking electronic switch’s unparalleled performance and reliability, contact our sales team today at 231-832-5525, Ext. 226. Take advantage of the opportunity to equip your tactical vehicles with the future of lighting control technology.

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