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Nartron is now Ascencioné® - Electronic Advanced Sensing Systems

Nartron, a well-established brand, has undergoing a strategic restructuring to better serve its diverse markets. The Nartron brand is now being divided into three distinct companies:

Ascencioné®: This company will focus exclusively on automotive products, catering to the automotive industry’s specific needs and innovations.


Ascencioné-Defense™: Specializing in military systems, Ascencioné-Defense™ is dedicated to providing cutting-edge electro mechanical and electronic system solutions to meet the unique requirements of the military sector.

Smart Power Systems: This division concentrates on PTO-driven hydraulic genesis and Smart Power rescue devices, while delivering reliable and efficient power fire industry solutions.

Restructuring of Nartron

This restructuring enables each of these new companies to focus their expertise and resources on their respective markets, ensuring tailored and high-quality solutions for their customers. The division of Nartron into these three entities signifies a strategic move to enhance efficiency and innovation across various industries.

These three newly formed companies, Ascencioné®Ascencioné-Defense™, and Smart Power Systems, are poised to continue Nartron’s legacy of pioneering innovations in the realm of electronics. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and cutting-edge technology, they aim to lead the way in developing next-generation advanced sensing, Sense, Compute, & Control® systems, further solidifying Nartron’s reputation as an industry trailblazer.

Automotive Electronic Systems – Ascencioné®

Ascencioné® is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of automotive electronics. As they delve deeper into this sector, they are determined to introduce revolutionary advancements that enhance vehicle safety, performance, and overall driving experience. With a focus on intelligent sensor technology, Ascencioné® is committed to delivering systems that not only detect but also anticipate, ensuring safety.

Military Electronic Systems – Ascencioné-Defense™

In the defense sector, Ascencioné-Defense™ is at the forefront of developing cutting-edge military electronics. Their expertise lies in creating state-of-the-art systems that enable advanced communication, surveillance, and defense capabilities. Through ongoing research and development, they will continue to introduce groundbreaking technologies that empower military personnel and enhance national security.

Genset (electric generator) Electronic Systems – Smart Power Systems

Smart Power Systems, specializing in PTO-driven hydraulic generators and Smart Power rescue devices, is dedicated to providing reliable, efficient, and sustainable power solutions. Their commitment to innovation extends to creating smart power grids that optimize energy distribution, minimize waste, and maximize efficiency. This forward-looking approach positions Smart Power Systems as a leader in the evolving landscape of power generation and distribution.

Many of Nartron’s innovations have applications beyond the automotive industry. For example, the “drunk-driver interlock system” and “solid-state PWM lamp dimmer system” can be used in various machinery and lighting control systems. Innovations like the “high-performance centrifugal HVAC compressor” and “solid-state turbidity fluid sensor” find utility in buildings, industrial processes, and water treatment. Similarly, “Smart dishwashers” and “integrated ovens and ranges” are household appliances commonly found in homes and commercial kitchens.

Furthermore, technologies such as the “diesel Quick-Start electrical control system” have applications in industrial and power generation settings, while the “SAE J-1939 multiplex genset system” serves industries like construction, marine, and emergency services. The “adaptive, high-efficiency ice cuber system” is primarily used in commercial settings such as restaurants and bars. Lastly, the “FMVSS hot fluid windshield cleaning system” applies to automotive safety standards but can be implemented in vehicles across the transportation sector. These innovations offer versatile applications spanning machinery, lighting control, HVAC, household appliances, industrial processes, power generation, commercial equipment, and safety standards beyond the automotive industry. Feel free to contact Ascencioné® for any of your electronics needs.

In summary, these three companies inherit Nartron’s legacy of innovation and dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the field of electronics. Through their respective areas of specialization, they will continue to deliver “firsts” in electronics, ushering in the next generation of advanced-sensing, Sense, Compute, & Control® systems that redefine the standards for safety, efficiency, and performance across automotive, defense, and power generation sectors.

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