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commitment to safety

Honored again for technological advances and commitment to safety

REED CITY – Nartron has won an award for their commitment to safety from the U.S. Military for its technological contributions to saving soldier’s lives with its vehicle electrical engine starting system (EESS).

The prestigious “U.S. Military Recognition for Excellence Silver Award 2004” named Nartron as being a part of its “Land and Maritime Supply Chains Building for Freedom.”

The product dramatically improves the HMMWV’s (Humvee) reliability in tactical maneuvers and provides quick starting in combat, according to company officials, who also note that the product provides life-saving and other combat operating assurances.

Nartron’s personnel also state that the EESS system invented by the company also will save American taxpayers over $50 million.

Nartron’s dedicated employees and technical staff have once again proved their exceptional skills, said CEO Norman Rautiola, who attributes this success to the “creativity of Nartron’s employees and their commitment to saving lives and protecting our soldiers in combat.”

Rautiola also pointed to the effects of the company’s accomplishments on northern Michigan.

“This accomplishment …illustrates that northern Michigan is a leader in worldwide advanced technology,” he said. “We are creating jobs here while the rest of the automotive world struggles.”

In August, Nartron was the center of attention of visits from several state and federal officials, including Gov. Jennifer Granholm, who came to view the company’s new automatic window closure systems, which incorporate new safety features to prevent power windows from closing on people, just another commitment to safety issue.

Also was selected earlier innovators by Inc. Magazine. this year as one of the nation’s top 30.

commitment to safety
Award: Norman Rautiola poses with the award his company won for Its technological contributions to the U.S. Military. (Courtesy photo)
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