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Clear Vision Safety System – Highly Autonomous Vehicle (CVSS-HAV)

Summary of Concept/Idea highly autonomous vehicles: 

Optical sensors, semi-autonomous or fully autonomous, are a critical enabling system on robotic military reconnaissance platforms. Contamination from environmental factors (rain, dust, dirt, oil, etc.) or enemy action (paint, aerosols) can degrade operational capability. The CVSS-HAV is an integrated sensor cleaning system that detects contamination and removes it in seconds through spray cleaning with compressed air and heated fluid. Various integration options and fluids are possible, depending upon requirements. 

SWaP is minimal. An existing pneumatic source, a small add-on compressor, or an appropriately scaled reusable cylinder or vessel that can distribute the compressed air is required. The operation can be autonomous or manually initiated and takes only seconds.

Highly autonomous vehicle


Proprietary nozzle, pulse, and fluid technology ensure optimal cleaning without scratching or degrading sensors for the highly autonomous vehicle. The system is also suitable for any application where manual, Soldier-cleaning is not practical and sensor function is critical, e.g., combat vehicle sights, 360 SA, UAS sensors, or APS systems. CVSS is configurable by platform, meaning it can be adapted to larger recon platform with numerous systems or miniaturized with preloaded air and fluid cartridges for smaller platforms and simpler logistics for the CVSS-HAV.

Describe How the Proposed Concept/Idea and Product/Enabling Technology Meets one or more of the Documented Reconnaissance Mission Needs:

Unlike unmanned aerial systems, Robotic ground vehicles have to operate in a more complex ground environment. Robotic or autonomous ground systems require optical sensors for vehicle navigation and to perform their recon mission. Rain, frost, fog, dirt, dust, oil, or grime frequently occlude sensors. They can also be actively disabled by simple enemy action using paints, aerosols, or dust/powder. 

Effective Information Gathering

CVSS-HAV dramatically increases sensor availability and sensor data quality across a range of environmental and operational conditions – ensures effective information gathering from robotic systems by providing sensor image quality and consistency. It permits autonomous recon platforms to function autonomously, without needing operators to recall platforms due to sensor contamination. 

Sensor data quality remains consistent for the Highly Autonomous Vehicles

Soldiers don’t need to risk themselves to retrieve sensor-disabled robots. Also, it reduces the overall risk of extended robotic operations and prevents decisive engagement. Consequently, enabling emerging autonomous capabilities by ensuring that sensor data quality remains consistent; assuring accurate, timely recon data to commanders, additionally hardening robotic platforms against simple, low-tech enemy counters. Enabling continuous surveillance for greater periods as environmental contamination accumulates on platforms. With low maintenance and log requirements, and is suitable for integration on a broad range of current or future platforms for these highly autonomous vehicles.

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