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Intelligent Anti-Trap Power Windows, Doors, Sunroof, Seats and Liftgates – Smart Close®

Billy’s window knows where his arm is, just in case his mother doesn’t.

 Introducing Smart Close – The only* no-trap moveable closure system. 

No-trap, zero force, auto-reversing system avoids potential injury
  • Smart Close  senses and responds to a human presence, detecting a change in it’s an electromagnetic field and instantly reverses the moving door/window
Exceeds FMVSS118-S5 Safety Standards; meets 110-189 mandate
  • Smart Close  exceeds S5 safety standards for moveable side glazing, panoramic roofs, sliding doors, and liftgates
Significantly reduces cost
  • Smart Close  provides a new standard of care at significantly lower cost than other systems


Imagine a power closure system so sophisticated it can sense human presence and prevent injury…

When a child’s presence is sensed by a Smart Close® equipped power closure, the system reverses without contact. Our unique sensor, typically placed in the weather seal, creates a “space-charge” proximity field that detects a child’s presence and won’t allow closure. Our electronic module controls the motor, and commands panel position reversal, even if the switch is being held in the closed position. When coupled with position sensors, the exact return location can be precisely engineered, all without contact.

The Smart Close  system interfaces with all power closure systems. This includes “one-touch-up” express-close power windows, power lift gates, sliding doors, sunroofs, convertible, and panoramic roofs to provide injury-free, no-trap protection.

Cost-effective, Smart Close systems incorporate 3 operating modes:*

  1. Non-contact mode—Human presence alters the electrical space-charge field creating early detection. Detection causes the closure to reverse prior to actual physical contact.
  2. Contact mode—(redundant sensing) Reacts to forces created between obstructions and the sensor strip to reverse the closure after less than 40N force.
  3. Speed mode—(redundant sensing) Monitors window speeds with Hall Effect sensor to identify the presence of an obstruction in the path of the closure.

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Introducing Smart Close® The only* no-trap moveable closure system. Anti-Entrapment sensor Strip
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