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Cool breakthrough in car air conditioning performance announced

REED CITY, MICHIGAN, Car air conditioning improvements has been developed. A significant breakthrough to importantly improve the performance and reliability of a vehicle’s air conditioning system on factory R134a cars, as well as retrofits. Smart VOV® (variable orifice valve) is a self-contained “drop-in” replacement for standard orifice tubes; it creates colder discharge air temperatures (5-10°F in most cars) by automatically reducing the orifice area at low compressor speeds, such as when idling or driving in city traffic. This innovative valve improves fuel economy and results in faster interior cool down.

Compressor life can also be significantly increased because of the reduced compressor load; in hot ambient highway patrol testing, compressor failures were reduced by a factor of ten. Test vehicles equipped with Smart VOV demonstrated excellent performance, outstanding reliability, and extended compressor life in over two million miles of severe use desert testing. “Interior duct outlet temperatures were reduced by 5° to 10°F and … a reduced incidence of a/c failures..” states a Sr. Automotive Inspector for a major California Police Agency “Improvement at idle is over 10°F with the Smart VOV” states John Baird, Police Commissioner, Warren, MI.

Car air conditioning types with Smart VOV

Smart VOV® uses system pressure and refrigerant flow to move a metering piston relative to a fixed opening in the sleeve. The piston movement is resisted by an attached spring in the car air conditioning system. When idling at high ambient temperatures, the piston shifts to a smaller metering area similar to a TXV. This compensates for the reduced compressor output and increases the cooling performance. Smart VOV (car air conditioning system) also has a unique re-open feature, which reduces compressor pressure for severe idle conditions. At highway speeds, Smart VOV operates on a large orifice. The net result is better performance than a TXV without the complexity or reliability concerns. Unlike a TXV, which has constantly moving parts and small internal clearances, Smart VOV is stationary during most operating conditions and has large internal clearances. Its low friction floating design ensures smooth operation and extremely long life and less troubleshooting. Check out Smart VOV air conditioning!

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