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Every year, car power windows tragically strangle children playing inside a parked car, in devastating incidents.These avoidable tragedies demand immediate attention and action. Thankfully, SmartClose® technology stands as a beacon of hope in this regard.

Advocating for Legislative Support

Title IV of S. 1072 presents a vital chance to reduce deaths caused by dangerous car power windows. This legislation, part of the Surface Transportation Safety Act, focuses on strengthening child safety standards in vehicles.

Mobilizing Congressional Backing

Title IV of S. 1072 has garnered widespread bipartisan support, indicating a unified commitment to safeguarding our nation’s youth. Congress must promptly turn this support into concrete action by passing these crucial safety measures into law.

Smart Close Car Windows Save a child's life

Recent Tragic Losses

Recent heartbreaking incidents further highlight the urgency of legislative action.

  • In Dallas, Texas, a Ford F-250 truck’s window ensnared and investigation showed the child tragically lost her life (3-year-old girl).
  • On June 2nd, someone rolled up the power window of a Lincoln. Unfortunate damage to the neck of a 4-year-old boy, leading to his tragic death.
  • On May 24th, in Box Elder, South Dakota, a power window fatally trapped a 4-year-old juvenile girl.
  • In Arizona, on May 20th, a 21-month-old baby girl tragically died when her neck became trapped in her mother’s Ford window. Another example of the dangers of power windows.
  • On April 23rd, in Mississippi, officers arrived and learned that a 14-month-old infant lost his life in a parked vehicle.
  • In Albion, Wisconsin, on April 7th, a 6-year-old boy tragically met his end in a car window incident.
  • On March 30th in Indiana, a 3-year-old girl tragically lost her life. She activated the vehicle’s power window in her mother’s car, which resulted in strangulation described by the medical examiner.

Preventing Further Tragedy

These accounts remind us of the urgent need for quick action. We can prevent future tragedies and protect innocent lives (with auto reverse). We need to adopt SmartClose® technology and supporting legislation (Title IV of S. 1072). Automakers must prioritize safety and embrace innovative solutions to create safer driving environments.

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