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Technology Electronic Systems Company is actively seeking for a wide range of new job openings


REED CTIY – Continuing advances in the field of electronic systems technology have created a situation in which a large expansion of the workforce at a Reed City manufacturing company, is now anticipated.

Actively seeking a “wide-ranging number of professionals for work in its Reed City facility- through specific searches, but also through advertising in local newspapers.

“Today, Nartron is hiring people from around the county and beyond, adding 85 new people in the past year,” said Heather Huber, vice president of human resources.

“The work ethic in this area is great. We’re still adding people at all levels, from entry-level assemblers and machine operators to highly skilled equipment technicians and maintenance men. 

Electronic technology business 

“Also production supervisors, quality control and process development industrial engineers. We even need more electrical and mechanical design engineers to support our expansion into sophisticated electronic sensors and controls for automotive cockpit display systems.

Relocated to Reed City from Jackson, Michigan, some 45 years ago, according to Norman Rautiola, president and founder of the company. Rautiola’s start in the electronic technology business came in the 1960s from Texas Instruments in Dallas, where he worked for Or. Gordon Teal, one of the inventors of the transistor at Bell Laboratories.

Dr. Teal was then the vice president for research, development, and engineering and was one of the key scientists leading the transistor and the integrated circuit further. It was during that era that Jack Kilby, a Texas Instrument friend, invented the integrated circuit and later received the Nobel Prize for his creation.

“America’s need for higher fuel economy has created a market for our advanced fuel control systems,” said Rautiola. 

“For over 25 years, our technology mission has been to create smarter, safer, more fuel-efficient vehicular systems, and ·with those successes, we’re now enjoying a large new business growth that will take us forward for at least ten more years. 

“Our cutting edge capacitive sensor technology and over 400 patents are very much in demand.”

We are manufacturing the most advanced automotive center-stack electronics, as well as producing electronic fuel control systems that give those vehicles a large advantage in CAFE and fuel economy.

“Patents these systems and their applications have gone global because their performance is truly ‘global class'”

electronic systems
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