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Oshkosh Truck Corporation – Truck Supplier Evaluation System 

This evaluation letter from Oshkosh Truck Corporation provides valuable insights for potential customers interested in partnering with Ascencioné® Corporation. With an impressive overall score of 93.59 out of 100, Ascencioné® demonstrates a commitment to excellence across various crucial metrics. The strengths highlighted in areas such as quality control, delivery capability, and strategic considerations underscore Ascencioné®’s reliability and competence in providing electromechanical solutions. Furthermore, the acknowledgment of specific strengths like data management, lot control, and in-process audits reaffirms Ascencioné®’s dedication to ensuring high standards throughout the supply chain. While there are areas identified for improvement, such as corrective action and timeliness, this demonstrates a proactive approach towards enhancing service quality. Overall, this evaluation letter showcases Ascencioné®’s value proposition as a dependable and quality-driven partner, capable of meeting the diverse needs of clients in the electromechanical sector.


Truck Supplier: Ascencioné® Corporation

Location: Reed City, MI 49677 Commodity: Electromechanical

Summary Appraisal:

Quality Control (40 Points Max. ) 36.92

Delivery Capability (30 Points Max. ) 27.50

Strategic Considerations (20 Points Max. ) 20.00

Price Competitiveness (10 Points Max. ) 9.17

Total 93.59

Truck Supplier Specific Areas of Strength:

  • Data Management Base
  • Lot Control
  • Bar Coding Capabilities
  • In-Process Audits
  • Positive Quality Control (Part Number Designation)

Key Areas for Improvement:

  • Corrective Action (OTC Related)
  • Timeliness



Vendor #: 53055



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