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Northstar Handling Dynamics 

At 60 mph, the realtime Road-Sensing Suspension reads the road in one-inch increments. Each wheel is then independently adjusted to enhance driver control.

The suspension and steering of the Northstar System keep the driver in communication with the road, creating a confidence level that your Cadillac will do what you expect in changing situations. The linchpin of the Northstar System’s adaptive handling is the real-time Road-Sensing Suspension (RSS). It reads the contours of the road every millisecond by measuring wheel position and body motion. It then selects either a soft or firm mode for each wheel independently in the span of 10-15 milliseconds The computer controlling RSS also manages the power rack-and-pinion Speed-Sensitive Steering. It delivers light effort at low speeds and progressively higher effort at increased speeds, while the Short/Long Arm (SLA) independent rear suspension maintains ideal rear-wheel geometry under virtually all driving conditions.

Linch pin GM firsts
Short/long Arm rear suspension reduces unsprung weight, further optimizing handling precision and refining ride motions.
The real-time RoadSensing Suspension helps make your ride more balanced, especially during acceleration, braking or spirited cornering.
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