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Revolutionary HVAC System TurboCool™ Unveiled: Enhancing Climate Control Efficiency

Breaking New Ground with TurboCool™ HVAC System

Introducing TurboCool™, a groundbreaking climate control system that revolutionizes the application of turbine technology to meet the demand for energy-efficient and high-performance HVAC systems. This innovative system boasts a nominal cooling capability of 18,500 BTU and offers scalability to cater to a diverse array of vehicular and commercial needs.

Innovative Design and Enhanced Performance

Norman Rautiola emphasizes, “This cutting-edge system integrates a unitized electric motor/turbine compressor, utilizing a low-pressure, non-CFC refrigerant from DuPont.” Unlike conventional options like Freon or 134-A, DuPont’s new fluid significantly enhances the coefficient of performance, enabling exceptional performance through microprocessor variable speed control of the two-stage compressor. Moreover, its construction with molded DuPont plastic renders it both cost-effective and lightweight.

Reliability and Cost Efficiency

Operating at low pressure and a relatively low turbine speed, TurboCool™ ensures inherent reliability and cost efficiency. Such unparalleled performance makes it an ideal choice for immediate adoption, promising to replace conventional compressors across various commercial and vehicular applications.

Innovations in Automotive Technology: Ford’s Contour

Ford’s Contour Redefines Automotive Excellence

Experience the Contour, Ford Motor Company’s visionary luxury sedan that seamlessly blends contemporary proportions with state-of-the-art automotive technology. Jack Telnack, vice president of Design, remarks, “The Contour exemplifies the synergy between design and technology, showcasing creativity alongside functionality.”

Technical Advancements in the Contour

Enhancing Comfort and Serviceability

Ford engineers and designers set out to enhance the passenger environment while reducing vehicle size to improve fuel efficiency. Innovations such as the experimental compact T-Drive powertrain, suspension, and brake systems exemplify this endeavor, enabling a reduction in engine compartment size and overall vehicle length while expanding passenger and luggage space.

T-Drive: Redefining Powertrain Efficiency

Ford’s Advanced Engine Group pioneers the T-Drive, an experimental engine and transmission arrangement that minimizes the vehicle space required for the powertrain. This innovation not only decreases overall vehicle length by five to six inches but also enhances fuel efficiency without compromising performance.

Compact Brake Booster: Optimizing Performance

The integration of the brake booster, master cylinder, and brake pedal into a modular assembly reduces longitudinal package space by nine inches, while also offering a weight reduction of four pounds and shorter pedal travel. Enhanced reliability and improved brake pedal feel characterize this innovative compact brake booster design.

Hermetically Sealed Air Conditioner: A Paradigm Shift in Climate Control

Next-Level Environmental Responsibility

The development of a compact, electrically driven air conditioning unit featuring a small, high-speed turbine compressor utilizing a non-CFC refrigerating fluid marks a significant leap towards environmental sustainability. This fluid, surpassing the efficiency of conventional refrigerants, underscores the ongoing development efforts aimed at environmental stewardship.

Efficiency and Reliability

In addition to environmental benefits, this system offers a remarkable 35-pound weight saving compared to conventional mechanical air conditioning systems, thanks to its utilization of nonmetal components in a lower operating pressure environment. Precharging and testing capabilities before installation ensure reliability on par with home refrigerators, promising a paradigm shift in automotive climate control technology.

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