ClearFast® Safety System

  • Removes ice, snow at a faster pace than ambient temperature washer fluid
  • Prevents wiper freeze-up while driving in cold weather
  • Reduces washer liquid consumption, reduces the weight of transported washer liquid, or extend the range
  • Dramatically improves overall visibility and clear vision safety


Personal Comfort and Security

  • Eliminates the need to exit the vehicle to scrape the windshield


Fast and Efficient

  • Eliminates the wait time required for the windshield to warm and melt the ice/snow
  • Draws significantly less alternator current than a heated windshield


Ready On-Demand

  • Powers-on automatically when the engine is operating – system ignition tailored based on customer preference


System Compatibility

  • Dispenses heated fluid through existing nozzle system or wiper blades
  • Activates through existing wiper controls
  • Provides built-in system diagnostics and interfaces with other vehicle control modules
  • Meets FMVSS, SAE, and OEM’s requirements

Power Management

Intelligent Power Management Full-scale power level control (0-100%) OEM selects power range, fixed or dynamic Power level control via CAN or other connection Integrates seamlessly

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Heat Exchanger Design Benefits

Heat Exchanger Design Benefits: Designed using sophisticated thermal management software, resulting in optimized design for: Evenly controlled heating distribution of washer fluid Preventing the boiling

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Fluid heating Components

Application Notes: Fluid heating module mounts under hood (as close to the nozzles as possible) Separated electronics from heater for ease of packaging and isolation

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Car Frost Removal

Frost Removal From ignition on to clear windshield – Approximately 48 seconds (@ 20ºF and 16V) Windshield frost quickly disappears Back to ClearFast®

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Functionality 36ml Fluid Volume Monitors health of vehicle power system (automatically disables at <11V) Time to discharge is 48 sec. for initial warm-up + 37

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