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Vehicle Lens Cleaning

The Vehicle Lens Cleaning System introduces cutting-edge features to ensure optimal visibility and safety while driving. This article delves into the innovative design and functionalities of the system, highlighting its advanced capabilities for efficient lens cleaning.

Heated Fluid and Pressurized Air:

Our system incorporates heated washer fluid and pressurized air for thorough lens cleaning. It utilizes a precision application-specific design tailored for Highly Automated Vehicles (HAV), ensuring the dispensation of the correct amount of heated fluid and air for individual vision sensors as required. This ensures unparalleled cleaning performance while minimizing energy consumption and fluid usage.

Integrated Communications and Control:

The system seamlessly communicates with cameras and the vehicle’s body control module for enhanced coordination and efficiency. This enables fast heating, precise fluid dispensation, and optimized cleaning operations, further enhancing the overall experience for the user.

Efficient Heating and Fluid Management:

With a focus on energy efficiency and fluid conservation, the system features fast heating capabilities with the lowest energy consumption. It dispenses the correct amount of heated fluid and air as needed, ensuring thorough cleaning while minimizing waste. Additionally, compressed air is available for leveling systems, adding versatility to the cleaning process.

Advanced Technology and Expertise:

Developed by Ascencioné®, a leader in automotive technology, the system benefits from unparalleled experience and directed research in heated fluid and optimized cleaning techniques. Its patented CVSS architecture ensures reliable performance and longevity, setting a new standard in vehicle lens cleaning technology.

Operating Instructions:

The system’s control panel simplifies operation with three switches: Power, Washer Pump, and Wiper Motor. Applying power activates the surface heater, pre-heating the manifold and fluid. Engaging the Washer Pump switch initiates fluid dispensation, aided by a cartridge heater for temperature elevation. Caution is advised against operating the pump with a dry reservoir. The MOM-type Wiper Motor switch offers versatility, allowing for customized wiper stroke control.

Vehicle Lens Cleaning, the Future:

The Vehicle Lens Cleaning System represents a leap forward in automotive cleaning technology, offering advanced features and efficient operation. With its integrated communication, precise fluid management, and energy-efficient design, it ensures optimal visibility and safety for drivers, setting a new standard in vehicle lens cleaning systems.

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