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Vehicle Lens Cleaning

Vehicle Lens Cleaning Features

  • Heated Fluid for vehicle Lens Cleaning
  • Pressurized Air – Pressurized Fluid
  • Application-specific design for HAV
  • Dispense correct amount of heated fluid and/or air for individual vision sensors, as needed
  • Communications with cameras/body control
  • Fast heat, lowest energy, minimum fluid use
  • Compressed air available for leveling systems


  • Unparalleled experience in automotive technology development and manufacture
  • Directed research in heated fluid and optimized cleaning
  • Patented CVSS architecture

Lens Cleaning System – Operating Instructions

We designed the Vehicle Lens Cleaning System. This provides heated washer fluid to a lens surface. In addition, it provides the best possible cleaning.

The control panel has three switches:         

  1. Power
  2. Washer Pump
  3. Wiper Motor 

When Power is applied, the surface heater on the manifold is enabled. Likewise, providing pre-heating of the manifold and any residual fluid.

Cartridge Heater

Enabling the Washer Pump momentary switch. Also, enables a washer fluid pump and a cartridge heater in the manifold. The cartridge heater provides a 20°F increase in fluid temperature. Equally, over an ambient temperature of 70°F during a washer fluid flow of 20ml/Sec. Note operation with a dry reservoir does not apply to this system. Do not press and hold the Washer Pump switch if the reservoir is dry. The Wiper Motor switch is a MOM-type switch. It provides voltage to the wiper motor. When wanting a more limited stroke, it will allow reversing instead of the automatic reversal. Reversing is offered by the existing mechanical linkage. 
Positions of vehicle lens sensors