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The touch-screen dashboard on the Chrysler 200C concept.

Car without buttons – Chrysler’s 200C Concept

In the revolutionary design of Chrysler’s 200C concept, a groundbreaking shift is apparent—this car is without buttons, setting a new standard in automotive innovation. Jason Monroe, the spokesperson for Chrysler, proudly affirms, ‘You won’t find a single button on this vehicle, from the doors to the interior to the infotainment system.’

Leading the Charge in Electronics: iQ Power™ System

At the forefront of this technological leap is the iQ Power™ touch-screen system, resulting from Mr. Monroe’s leadership in electronics development. Unveiled at the prestigious Detroit Auto Show, this system, now production-ready, has been patented by the Ascencione® Corporation.

Patented Precision: Human-Interface Design

Known for owning cutting-edge human-interface design technology utilized by industry leaders, including Apple, Ascencione® is also the driving force behind the iPhone-inspired features embedded in iQ Power™. Norman Rautiola, Ascencione®’s Chief Executive, draws parallels, stating, ‘It’s what Apple did with the iPhone.’

Seamless Smartphone Integration: iQ Power™ in Action

The iQ Power™ system redefines the driving experience. It allows drivers to utilize any smartphone as a virtual key fob, offering seamless control over various functions. The integration is complete, from locking and unlocking doors to rolling windows up and down. Smartphone users can also access a live interior feed of the vehicle and monitor home security features like alarms, carbon dioxide levels, and smoke detectors.

Elevating the Driving Experience: Virtual Trackball Music Control, Synced Media Library, and Settings

A virtual trackball on the car’s curved dashboard becomes the gateway for the driver and front-seat passenger to control the vehicle’s music library. This feature, reminiscent of Apple’s album art cover-flow, adds a layer of sophistication to the driving experience. Moreover, the media library syncs with the smartphone, ensuring users can customize their settings and take them wherever they go.

Passenger Pleasures: UConnect Tablet and Interactive Features

The passenger experience is equally enriched. The 200C’s passenger side features a UConnect tablet, providing access to the car’s entertainment features. Passengers can even send recommendations to the driver. A console-mounted passenger interface offers easy access to various settings.

Unveiling Car Without Buttons at the New York Auto Show: A Milestone in Automotive Technology

As we explore the epitome of a ‘car without buttons,’ Chrysler’s 200C shines as a testament to cutting-edge technology, seamlessly integrating smartphones and touch-screen controls for a truly futuristic driving encounter. This revelation was showcased at the New York Auto Show, marking a milestone in automotive technology.

This product was featured in the New York times in the past. Another great example of products we’ve pioneered.

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