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Center Stack Assembly Revolutionizing Car Interiors

Automotive innovation, the Center Stack Assembly undergoes a transformative upgrade with the integration of the groundbreaking iQ Power™ Module. This article delves into the multifaceted features and functionalities that redefine the driving experience, blending reconfigurable design freedom, touchscreen technology, connected vehicle communications, and optional voice command capabilities.

Virtual Touchpad™ Sensing: A Technological Breakthrough

Experience a paradigm shift in human interface technology with the introduction of Virtual Touchpad™ sensing in the Center Stack Assembly. This breakthrough technology not only offers wide design freedom but also introduces curved contours firmware that is reconfigurable, providing direct access to computing power akin to highly successful handheld devices.

iQ Power™ Module Driver Interface faceplate Smart Touch® pad, LCD, sensor electronics

Smart Touch® Features Revolutionizing Control

The iQ Power™ Module empowers users to control computer software through a touchscreen, introducing the key feature of Smart Touch®. This innovative functionality allows for multiple touches simultaneously or the seamless sliding of fingers across the screen. Applications extend to automobile Instrument Panel (IP), radio, and HVAC controls, bringing an unprecedented “iPhone-type” product experience to the cockpit.

Features Redefining User Interaction

Integrated Faceplate Panel and Capacitive Smart Touchpad

The Center Stack Assembly incorporates an integrated faceplate panel equipped with a capacitive Smart Touchpad and sensor electronics. This unique and patented hardware-software combination ensures operations with response times under 30 milliseconds, providing a seamless and efficient user experience.

Solid-State Design for Enhanced Durability

Ditching traditional moving parts, the iQ Power™ Module is a totally solid-state design, featuring proximity sensing and touch implementation inherent within the technology. With a longer life span and the ability to work through nonconductive covering materials like glass, plastic, and wood, this design revolutionizes durability and longevity.

Versatility in Operation and Interface

Multiple-Input Sensing and Seamless Integration

The Center Stack Assembly is not limited in functionality, as it can operate on both AC and DC power. This versatile system can control resistive and inductive loads, providing flexibility in managing fluorescent fixtures and electric motors. Its solid-state switching operates at logic levels, making it ideal for interfacing directly with electronic controllers, especially in multiplex systems.

High-Density “Virtual Keyboard” for Compact Configurations

Featuring a high-density “virtual keyboard,” this assembly allows for compact control configurations while maintaining a lightweight design. The system remains sealed, operational across various humidity-dust levels, and offers a new level of design freedom with its independent switch function from surface graphics.

Enhanced Design and User Experience

Anti-Glare and Anti-Reflective Coating

Ensuring optimal visibility, the Smart Touchpad comes equipped with an anti-glare and anti-reflective coating. This feature enhances the overall user experience by minimizing distractions and providing clear visibility even in varying lighting conditions.

Deadfront Backlit Applications for Added Aesthetics

For those seeking aesthetic appeal, the Center Stack Assembly offers optional deadfront backlit applications. This feature adds a stylish dimension to the user interface, combining functionality with a visually pleasing design.

Driving into the Future of Automotive Interface Technology

The Center Stack Assembly, featuring the iQ Power™ Module, represents a significant leap forward in automotive interface technology. The integration of Virtual Touchpad™ sensing, Smart Touch® features, and a solid-state design not only redefines user interaction but also sets the stage for a new era of intelligent and seamlessly integrated car interiors.

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