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Center stack Assembly iQ Power™ Module


Virtual Touchpad™ sensing is a breakthrough in human interface technology on the center stack. Wide design freedom in instrument panel (and other interior locations) styling/function is instantly achieved. Curved contours firmware are reconfigurable and provide direct access to computing power, such as with highly successful handheld devices. By combining the 1) reconfigurable centerstack with 2) touchscreen, 3) connected vehicle communications, and 4) optional voice command brings the “iPhone-type” product to the cockpit for the very first time.

iQ Power™ allows a person to use fingers to control computer software through a touchscreen. A key feature of Smart Touch® allows for multiple touches simultaneously or sliding fingers across a screen.* Applications include the automobile IP, radio, and HVAC controls.


  • Integrated faceplate panel and capacitive Smart Touchpad with sensor electronics
  1. Unique and patented hardware software provides under 30-millisecond operations.
  2. Serial communications to display controller (RS232, Sharp, or others).
  3. Is a totally solid-state design featuring (a) proximity sensing (b) touch implementation inherent within the technology. No moving parts, longer life.
  4. Sense and control through nonconductive covering material such as glass, plastic, wood, etc., works through metallic painted surfaces.
  5. May incorporate multiple-input sensing, slewing of touch area, and automatic shutdown or lockout function.
  6. Can operate on AC or DC. Controls resistive as well as inductive loads. The versatile system can control fluorescent fixtures and electric motors.
  7. Uniquely lends itself to multiplex systems since its solid-state switching operates at logic levels and can interface directly with electronic controllers.
  • High density “virtual keyboard” allows compact control configurations, weighs less
  • Totally sealed module; operates at all humidity-dust levels
  • The switch function is independent of surface graphics and provides a new level of design freedom since the overlay surface is not part of the switch. Deadfront backlit applications are optional.
  • Touchpads can be configured in another matrix, or individual inputs, in combination.
  • Anti-glare, anti-reflective coating.

*covered under one or more ascencione  ´® ‘s patents: 4,731,548; 4,758,735; 4,831,279; 5,087,825; 5,796,183; 5,952,801; 7,503,498

Smart Touch® and sense-compute-control  are registered trademarks of ascencione  ´® Corporation

  • Driver Interface Faceplate
  • Smart Touchpad
  • LCD 
  • sensor electronics
  • iQ Power Module
  • Center stack Assembly
  • Part No. 131067
iQ Power™ Module Driver Interface faceplate Smart Touch® pad, LCD, sensor electronics
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