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kidSafe® Rear Seat Child Reminder

System Integration:

  • No impact to seat comfort
  • Compatible with seat design – trim type and trim attachment designs
  • Compatible with rear seat technologies (heat/cool)
  • Compatible with all models of child restraints

System effectiveness:

  • Successfully recognizes the presence of children of different sizes:
  • 2Kg – weight of a 5th percentile female at birth
  • 15Kg – weight of a 95th percentile male at 24 months
  • System effectively classifies a sleeping child (silent, motionless)
  • System effectively classifies a child not strapped in the child seat
  • System handles the variability with the child Seat and the Seat belt loading
  • System manages Seat geometry over time (hardness, wear on cushion)

Misuse scenario:

  • System manages spilled liquids
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