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Intelligent Anti-Trap Doors Self-Closing

Smart Close®

Provides Capacitive, non-contact obstacle detection at the hinge point of doors – Anti-Trap Doors

Anti-trap self closing doors

As anyone who has been caught in a self-closing car door can attest, they can be quite dangerous. With the increasing popularity of auto-closing doors, the need for a reliable and safe anti-trap sensor has never been greater. However, our intelligent anti-trap sensor protects humans from self-closing doors, keeping them safe from the potentially brutal forces used to close the door.  The sensor uses capacitive sensors to detect when an object is in the path of the door, and then activates an electromechanical brake to stop the door from closing.  

Keep your family safe with Smart Close

While our product protects the individual from all areas around the door, the most critical place of the door is the hinge area as it gives the most torque. Very dangerous to a hand or a foot in the wrong position. Our product protects the individual from getting pinched in the self-closing door. With the use of capacitive sensors, it can keep kids safe even when mom is not looking in the back seat. This prevents injuries caused by pinching or crushing, and also helps to keep curious children safe. Cars are becoming more and more advanced, but so are we. With our product installed, you can rest assured that your family will be protected from the potentially dangerous forces of auto-closing doors. Stay safe with our new and improved intelligent anti-trap sensor!

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