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Intelligent Anti-Trap Power Sunroof & Shade

In the ever-evolving landscape of automotive safety, the Safe Close™ anti-entrapment and anti-pinch protection system emerges as a trailblazer. Designed as a solid-state, non-contact, high-performance obstacle detection system, Safe Close™ goes beyond safeguarding car windows and doors. This advanced system, functioning as both a proximity sensor and a power sunroof controller, is redefining safety standards in the automotive industry.

Unveiling the Core Protection: Windows and Doors

The primary function of Safe Close™ is evident in its intelligent anti-trap mechanism for windows and doors. Placed strategically around closure openings within weather seals and behind trims or headliners, the sensors create a space-charge proximity field. This field serves as a vigilant guardian, promptly detecting the presence of humans and ensuring the immediate cessation of any closing movement, thus preventing potential injuries and damages.

However, the scope of Safe Close™ extends far beyond conventional areas, showcasing its versatility and adaptability across various components of modern vehicles.


Diverse Applications of Safe Close™ Anti-Trap Sensors: A Comprehensive Shield

Intelligent Anti-Trap Power Sunroof & Shade Technology:
The Safe Close™ system seamlessly integrates into power sunroofs, providing a layer of protection against accidental entrapment. With the ability to detect obstacles and human presence, it ensures the safe operation of sunroofs, mitigating risks associated with closing mechanisms.

Convertible Top Safety Measures:

Convertible vehicles, known for their open-roof allure, benefit from Safe Close™ technology. The system acts as a vigilant guardian, preventing entrapment in convertible tops and ensuring a secure driving experience.

Sliding Door Pinch Protection:

Families and commuters alike appreciate the safety Safe Close™ brings to sliding doors. Whether in minivans or SUVs, the sensors detect any obstruction in the door’s path, averting potential accidents and injuries.

Trunk and Frunk Safety:

Beyond traditional trunks, Safe Close™ safeguards front trunks (Frunks) in electric vehicles. This additional layer of protection ensures that these storage spaces close safely without posing any risk to users. Along with our Smart Open, Smart Close® gesture open the SUV’s Hatchback

Tonneau Cover Security:

Pickup trucks with Tonneau covers also benefit from the Safe Close™ system, preventing accidental entrapment and ensuring a secure cargo area.

Adjustable Automotive Components:

Seats, Pedals, Mirrors, and Steering Column:
Safe Close™ extends its protective reach to adjustable components within vehicles. From seats and pedals to mirrors and steering columns, the system ensures that adjustments occur smoothly without the risk of pinching or trapping.

Luxury Automotive Features:

Even in the realm of luxury, Safe Close™ plays a pivotal role. It adds an extra layer of safety to features like retractable spoilers, adjustable running boards, and luxury car footrests.

In essence, Safe Close™ anti-trap sensors redefine automotive safety by offering a comprehensive shield against entrapment and pinch hazards. With their application across a myriad of vehicle components, these sensors represent a leap forward in creating secure and user-friendly driving experiences. As technology continues to advance, Safe Close™ stands as a beacon, illuminating the path towards a safer and more secure automotive future.

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